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Weapons and Warfare
Throughout history its has been a race between weapons and armor, attack and defense.  As the centuries went by the pace increased.  Sometimes the lessons of the past were forgotten, only to be painfully relearned.
Middle Ages Weapons:  From Middle Ages Org, with a lot of other areas as well.
Arma:  The Association of Renaissance Martial Arts.  Fencing, sword fighting and more.
Renaissance Faires:  Not just about the mundane.  Lots of info on weapons, warfare and tactics.
Landsknetch: Wikipedia Article about these German Renaissance Warriors.
Zweihander:  The weapon of the German Mercenary during the Renaissance.
Roman Legion:  From Wikipedia, the general article.
List of Roman Legions:  From Wikipedia, good reference on the Legions, with links to each.
The Roman Army:  Good reference on the evolution of the Roman land arm.
The Roman Legion at War:  Film on Youtube about the deployment of the Roman Legion.
The Roman Empire:  Another short film put together from movie footage.  Gotta love that Testudo.
Spartan Army:  Wikipedia article about the army of Sparta.
History of Sparta:  From History World.
Realm of the Mongols:  A page about the greatest horse warriors of all time.
Ancient Military: From Ancient Military.com, which pages on all the major ancient militaries.
Military of the Ancient Israelites:  King Solomon and David built the Hebrews in a military power.
Feudal Japan: From Facts About Japan.com.
The Vikings:  From NOVA Online.
Ancient Celtic Warfare: From Celtic Well.
English Longbow:  A short history at the Archers of Ravenwood.
Swiss Mercenaries:  Not always peaceful, they were the most sought after infantry in the Renaissance.
Infantry in the Middle Ages:  The Good, the Bad and the Great.
Ancient Chinese Military:  Short page with links to other more in depth pages.
Sun Tzu: The ancient master and a must read.  So much reads as just common sense, but obviously not to everyone.
The Athenian Navy:  The water equivalent of the Spartan Army.
Karate Depot:  Lots of cool stuff to look over and get an idea of what's out there.
Medieval Weapons:  Swords, Armor, ect.  Indeed, cool stuff to look at.
List of Martial Arts: From around the world at Wikipedia, with links to most of those known.
Martial Arts:  History and Style links from About.com.
Types of Swords:  From Wikipedia with lots of links to the different blades.
Sword History:  With pages on the history of all cultures that used the bladed weapon.
History of Swords and Daggers: at Real Armor of God.  As well as pages on armor.
Livius:  Articles on Ancient History with lots of links to culture and people.
Ancient Greek Battles:  Lots of information, including information on the Phalanx.
History of Macedonia:  Includes a wealth of information on Ancient Macedonia and Alexander.
Genghis Khan: and the Great Mongol Empire.
Mongol Military Tactics: and Organization.  From Wikipedia.
Mongol Conquest:  Lots of good information and pictures about the Mongol War Machine.
Parthian Empire:  Of ancient Iran, where the term Parting Shot comes from.
Fencing:  At Fencing.net, with basic instructions and equipment.
The Quarterstaff:  An ancient and effective simple weapon, from the British Quarterstaff Association.
World Archery:  History and more about the sport and ancient weapon of the bow.
Pike:  The pole weapon from Ancient Greece to Switzerland.  From Wikipedia.
Therion Arms:  One of the oldest and best arms and armor sites on the net.
Cog and Galley:  A site about ships from the ancient galley to the sailing cog of medieval times.
Catapults:  Including Onagers, Ballistae and Trebuchets.
How Does a Catapult Work?: At Howstuffworks.
Catapults:  At Wikipedia, with lots of links.
History of Warfare at Sea: From History World, starting with ancient ships.
The Armor Archive:  Links, Patterns and Essays on various kinds of armor.
Zulu Kingdom:  Founded by Shaka, and the most warlike people of South Africa.
The Ancient: Muscle powered weapons and stone fortifications.
Gunpowder Era:  Wooden Ships and Iron Men and lines of thousands sending shotgun blasts of muskets into their opponents.
Modern Warfare and Weapons.
Weapons of the United States Military:  Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.
The Nuclear Weapons Archive:  Everything you wanted to know about the big booms.
Federation of American Scientists:  Lots of good information on a lot of things, including weapons.
History of War.org:  Encyclopedia of War from all Eras, with lots of links.
Fighter Aircraft: From 1930 to present.
Top Ten Fighter Aircraft:  Short slideshow presentation at Youtube.
Combat Aircraft:  Of all types at Combat Aircraft.com.
Military Factory:  All things military includind weapons and equipment.
Achtung Panzer:  Fifteen years on the net, and a very good resource for AFVs.
Wehrmacht History: 1935 to 1945 and covers the whole German Military.
Feldgrau:  Another very good site for Germany Military History, 1918 to 1945.
The Luftwaffe:  1933-45, with listings of orders of battle, units and more.
Warbirds Resource Group:  Aircraft from aroung the world, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.
Luft 46:  What was on the drawing boards to hit us if the war had gone on.
The Aerodrome:  Aces and Aircraft of World War I.
The First World War: A multimedia history of the War to End All Wars, which was just the start.
Chemical Weapons in World War 1:  The first weapon of mass destruction.
U-Boats: The most successful German Naval Weapon of two wars, at the uboat.net.
Aces of WW2:  Stories of the aces of all the countries, including bombers and ground attack.
RAF Bomber Command:  The other very large Strategic Bomber Force.
Strategic Bombing During World War II: At Wikipedia, including lots of links.
U S Army Air Forces:  Good site to research the days before they became the Air Force.
World War 2 Armed Forces: and Military Units, from all the major combatants.
Paratroopers:  The World's Toughest Fighting Man.
History of the US Navy:  With lots of information on all eras.
Battleship: At Wikipedia, a ship that was actually very useful during the Second World War.
List of Battleships by Country:  From 1399 to modern times.
Red Army:  Brief history from the Revolution to the Cold War.
Lone Sentry:  Very good site with photos, documents and research on WW II.
Waffen SS:  Not the nicest guys at the party, but some of the best soldiers in the war.
Aberdeen Proving Ground:  Great US Museum with vehicles of friends and foes.
Imperial War Museum:  From England, and one of the best in the World.
Churchill:  A leader in both World Wars.
The Korean War:  The Forgotten War that pitted the technological West against the hordes of the East.
The Vietnam War:  At Historyplace.com, with Timelines, Quotes and Analysis, as well as other eras.
The Falklands War:  The only truly modern naval war.
Panama:  The United States Invasion in 1989.
Iraq:  The Official Website of the United States Forces Iraq.
Afghanistan: The Soviet Vietnam.
War in Afghanistan:  Part II, the United States.
Military History Online:  Very Complete Site with lots of information across eras.
Military History Encyclopedia on the Web:  Could have fit several places, but I was looking up Napoleon when I found it.
Napoleonic Wars:  At Wikipedia, with plenty of links.
Napoleonic Warfare Strategy:  Short page at Easy-Strategy.com.
The Napoleon Series: Organization, Strategy and Tactics.  Very Complete Site.
The Civil War:  The War of the Rail Road, at Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War.
French Invasion of Russia:  From Wikipedia, with lots of links.
History of the Peninsular War:  Short history of the Campaigns of Wellington in Spain.
The Duke of Wellington:  Short history of the man I feel is the greatest General of the Napoleonic Era.
A Comparison:  Of Wellington and Napoleon at Historyhome.co.uk.
Frederick The Great:  A Prussian General with influence beyond his time.
Military Weapons and Equipment:  From MilitaryHeritage.com.
French Artillery:  Under Napoleon, the master of artillery.
The American Revolution:  The first true Guerilla War, Washington was a visionary.
American Revolution Timeline:  At the Historyplace.com.
Horatio Nelson:  At Wikipedia, the greatest naval commander of his era.
The Royal Navy: During the Napoleonic Era.  The Wooden Walls that protected England.
French Sail of the Line: In the Napoleonic Wars.
HMS Victory:  Nelson's Flagship at Trafalgar, restored a a museum.
Napoleonic Frigates:  The scouts and commerce raiders of the era.
Six Frigates:  The original six built for the fledgling US Navy, at Wikipedia.
Wooden Sailing Ships:  Some interesting pictures from the Age of Sail.
List of World's Largest Wooden Sailing Ships: At Wikipedia, including some surprisingly modern ones.
Gunpowder Weapons: of the Late Fifteen Century, when they were still primitive.
The Battle of Lepanto:  Christian versus Turk in the Med, and the battle that broke Turkish Naval Power.
Rifle versus Musket:  A short page about the pros and cons of these two weapons.
Flintlock Muskets and Pistols:  A sales site but has cool pictures and descriptions.
Civil War Weapons: Including the Gattling Gun and Artillery.
The Civil War: At the Smithsonian Institute.
Civil War Weapons and More:  at Jewish-history.com.
Quartermaster Shop:  A variety of uniforms from the 19th Century.
British Napoleonic Replicas:  Uniforms, equipment and more.
Civil War Battles: By State, from Heritage Preservation Services.
Civil War Battles:  From the Sons of the South.  Claims to be very comprehensive.
Naval Warfare: of the Civil War.  Includes lists of ships and battles.
Crimean War:  At BBC History.  England and France versus Russia to help Turkey.  Huh.
British Battles:  At British Battles.com, including from Roman Britain, but mostly age of Gunpowder.
Sepoy Rebellion of 1857:  Rebellion against the East India Company that embroiled the Empire in War.
Franco-Prussian War:  Little remembered war that was a precurser to WW1.
Pirates and Privateers: The History of Maritime Piracy.
Italian Revolution:  1848, also known as the War of Italian Unification.
Wars of German Unification:  Otto von Bismarck in 1871.
Thirty Years' War:  Protestants versus Catholics in Germany , 1618-1648.
Gustavus Adolphus:  King of Sweden and the Protestant Hero of the Thirty Years War.
The Mexican-American War:  The warm up for the War Between the States that gave the US California and more.
War of 1812:  The sideshow of the Napoleonic Era.
Timeline of Mexican History:  Land of warfare and revolution.
Saber:  The blade weapon of the age of gunpowder, and the primary cavalry weapon.
Weapons of the American Revolution:  Artillery, Mortars and more.
John Churchill:  First Duke of Marlborough and one of the greatest generals of the late 1600s.
Bayonet:  The most terrifying weapon of the gunpowder age.
Prince Eugene:  German General and contemporary of Marlborough.
Imperial Spain: The Spanish Empire, one of the great powers of Europe.
Early Modern Warfare:  The early use of gunpowder weapons.
Edo Period of Japan:  The age of the Shogunate and gunpowder weapons.
Wars of Independence: In Latin America from Spain, late 18th and early 19th Centuries.
Indian Wars Time Table:  From the forests of Virginia to the Great Plains.
American-Indian Wars:  At History.com. With pictures and video.
Conquistador:  The conquerors of the New World, using their superior tech and horses to overpower the natives.
Oliver Cromwell: The New Pattern Army and the English Civil Wars.
Mogul India:  Moslems conquerors of India.
Near Future and Ultra Modern.
Space Warfare and the Far Future.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:  Basic discussion on Wikipedia including links to a list of vehicles.
The UAV: At theuav.com, with lots of info about these robotic craft.
Fictional Military Aircraft:  Some are quite advanced looks at a posible future.
Future Military Weapon Technology:  Not all future, some of today and some of yesteryear.
SR-71:  The Blackbird, old aircraft that is still as advanced as anything in the world.
Future US Military Aircraft:  From GlobalSecurity.org.
Air Mech-Strike Aircraft:  Transporting heavy military forces around the world.
Future Tanks:  Article on some surprises in store for the critics of tanks.
Future Warships:  Small article at InventorSpot.
US Warships: The Future Fleet, at GlobalSecurity.org.
Naval Technology: at Naval-technology.com of course.
Arsenal Ship:  The naval gunfire support ship of the future.
How Rail Guns Work:  At How Stuff Works.
Rail Gun: Video of Test at Youtube.
XM25:  Airburst Grenade Launcher on Youtube.
Metal Storm:  Stacked Weapon System with incredible rate of fire.
Non-Lethal Weapons: At the US Department of Defense.
The Invisibility Cloak: At How Stuff Works.  It's real and it's here now.
DARPA: Defense Advanced Researched Projects Agency. 
How Military Robots Work:  At How Things Work.
Military Robots:  On the Military Channel.
Boston Dynamics:  Home of military robotics such as Big Dog.
Video of Big Dog: Amazing Robot that I am sure will be a future weapon's system.  See you cute dancing robots.
Land Warrior:  Army's new integrated system for infantry.
How Exoskeletons Will Work:  At How Stuff Works, the stuff of military science fiction.
Robitic Exoskeleton:  Youtube Video of how one works.
Masers:  Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
How Laser Weapons Work:  At How Stuff Works.
Naval LaWS:  Navy Laser Weapons System PR Video.
Particle Beam Weapons:  High Energy Beam of Protons or Electrons.