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War Movies
As George Patton said, compared to war, all other human activities fade to insignificance.  Well, maybe not completely, but battle brings out the best and worst of men and women.  War movies are in most cases all action.  There are some really good old movies, but, as in other genres, new techniques have made them more accurate and true to life.  Only have movies I have seen on this list.
List of War Films and TV Specials:  There is a lot here, including films I have never heard of and foreign films.
King Arthur:  2004.  Legendary wars which may or may not have happened.
The Dogs of War:  1980.  Good movie about mercenaries in Africa.  With Christopher Walken.
The Wild Geese:  1978.  British mercenaries in Africa.  Richard Burton and Rober Moore among others.
Dark of the Sun:  1968.  Set during the Congo Crisis of 1964, I really liked this movie as a child.
El Cid:  1961.  Charlton Heston as the great Spanish hero and knight during the unification of Spain.
Troy:  2004.  Epic film about the Trojan War.  Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.  And Ajax is stronger than dirt.
The 300 Spartans:  1962.  Kind of dated movie about the Spartans at Thermopylae. 
300:  2007.  More modern and stylized version of those pesky Spartans holding off the Persians.
Alexander:  2004.  The conquests of Alexander the Great through Asia.
Ben-Hur: 1959.  Not really a war movie, but some cool, if not accurate, scenes of naval warfare.
Spartacus:  1960.  Kirk Douglas.  The slave revolt in the Roman Empire.  Great scenes of legions at war.
Cleopatra:  1963.  Spectacular with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.  Some great scenes of the legions.
Gladiator:  2000.  Russell Crowe.  Portrays battles in the campaigns in Germany in AD 180.
Druids:  2001.  Christopher Lambert.  60 BC and the Romans are conquering Gaul.
Atilla:  2001.  TV Miniseries about the first Asian Conquerer to hit Europe, during the latter days of the Empire.
Centurion:  2010.  The Romans against the Picts in Scotland.
The Eagle: 2011.  The Romans try to recover their Eagle Banner from the Picts who have captured it.
Ivanhoe:  1982.  TV Movie about the revolt in England against King John during the Crusades.
Kingdom of Heaven:  2005.  Wonderful movie about the Moslem conquest of Jerusalem.
The Conqueror:  1956.  John Wayne as Genghis Khan.  Yes, John Wayne.  Howard Hughes.
Mongol:  2007.  Life story of Genghis Khan and the Mongol invasions that changed the world.
Braveheart:  1995.  Mel Gibson as William Wallace and the war against the English.
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc:  Milla Jovovich as the French Warrior girl who fought the English.
Shogun: 1980.  Television Miniseries about the adventures of an English navagator stranded in Feudal Japan.
They Died With Their Boots On:  1941.  But they still died.  Custer at the Little Big Horn.
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon:  1949.  John Ford Western about the Indian Wars.  With John Wayne.
Major Dundee:  1965.  Charlton Heston as a Union Officer leading Union and Confederate troops against Apaches.
Cromwell:  1970.  Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War.  With Richard Harris.
Northwest Passage:  1940.  Roger's Rangers attack a French fort during the French and Indian War.
Barry Lyndon:  1975.  Stanley Kubrick.  An Irishman fights in the Seven Years War in France.
The Last of the Mohicans:  1992.  Based on Cooper's novel about the French and Indian War.
The Patriot:  2000.  Mel Gibson during the Southern campaign of the American Revolution.
Hornblower:  1998-2003 miniseries about the C S Forester character during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.
Captain Horatio Hornblower:  1951,  Gregory Peck as the captain who has to fight a Spanish Man-o-War twice.
Master and Commander:  2003.  Hornblowereque movie about the pursuit of a French Privateer by a British Frigate.
Sharpe:  1993-98.  Tales of a British rifleman in the Peninsular Campaign during the Napoleonic Wars.
War and Peace:  1956.  Henry Fonda and Audrey Hepburn in the Tolstoy tale of Napoleon's invasion of Russia.
Waterloo: 1970.  Napoleon versus Wellington in the best movie ever about the Napoleonic era.  Very historical.
The Buccaneer:  1958.  Yul Brynner and Charlton Heston in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.
The Alamo:  1960.  John Wayne's version of the siege of the mission in 1836.  Not too bad, but better followed.
The Alamo:  Billy Bob Thornton's version is probably more historically accurate, and a good movie to boot.
The Charge of the Light Brigade:  1968.  British courage wins despite the stupidity of British leadership.  Crimea, 1851.
Gone with the Wind:  1939.  Depiction of the burning of Atlanta on Sherman's march to the sea.