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Probably the most written about and portrayed on screen monster of all time.  We are fascinated with them, in all cultures and all times.  There is something attractive about them, despite their slimy nature.  They are seductive, powerful, able to change form (for a different Eastern European take on Vampire see my short story Lampir on this site.  They are not always portrayed as powerful).  They are animated corpses, but they sure look good for a dead person.  Until they are struck down, and all the years come back with a vengeance.  Immortality?  They are always harping about that great advantage, until they are taken out by the hero just days from the grave.  As we say in the South, Bless their little hearts.  Meaning they are on the whole as dumb as rocks.  In The Hunger I attempted to portray them as having a bit more intelligence, though the learning curve is still steep and survival is as much about luck as anything else, at least at first.
Vampires on the Big Screen
We Are The Night:  A German film made by an indie producer, and one of the best Vampire movies I have ever seen.  Great Cinematography, beautiful scenes and scenary, good looking women.  From the haunting music at the beginning to the vampire on vampire fight at the end, a great movie.  On Netflix and others.
In most portrayals of Vampires, especially the traditional Stoker type, the vampire actually becomes his own worst enemy.  Vampires feed every night, and three days later the victim, and his hunger, rise.  Soon there are two vampires, four, eight, sixteen, until the entire ecosystem is taken up by vampires.  The area is either hunted out, people learn how to keep the blood suckers away, or someone comes in and cleans up the mess.
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We Are The Night Trailer:  Really Cool Vampire Movie.
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From Dusk Till Dawn: Series of Three Movies as much Comedy as Horror.
Dracula 2000:  Actually a pretty good movie, but the sequel stunk.
Vampire in Brooklyn:  I liked this movie, though it was more comedy than horror.
Dark Shadows:  The Vampire Soap Opera, large on mood, sparse on action.
Life Force:  Alien Vampires sucking the energy from people.
Daybreakers:  Science Fiction Vampire Tale about plague induced Vampirism.
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