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The Cats
Many years ago, when I first started writing, I was a moderator on the Forward Motion Site.  I was trying to come up with a catchy user name for the site.  At the time I was married, and my wife was a true cat lover.  I also had a step daughter who loved kittens, and my wife would get her a new kitten whenever she felt she had wronged the child.  We ended up with eleven cats in the house, all well cared for and healthy.  I turned into a true cat lover myself.  I was also a big fan of Larry Niven and his Kzinti characters, especially Chmee, once known as Speaker to Animals.  So was born the user name of BrotherofCats, a name I have kept through many web incarnations.  When I got divorced I moved from Alabama to Florida with five cats and four kittens.  The kittens and the momma got new homes, one of the cats disappeared, and I was left with my three Alabama boys, Buddy, Bobbie and Beau.  At one point I had five cats in my small house.  A couple died in 2010, a couple more came into my life, and now there are four.  Bobbie is the last of the Alabama boys.  Don't get me wrong. I also like dogs, but am not in a place where I can have them at this time.  So the cats are my constant companions while I live the lonely life of a writer.
Espresso the Kitten up to no good.
Espresso at 6 months trying to look innocent.
Sassie, my long haired tailless shelter rescue.
Sassie in a little more active role.  She doesn't jump or run, she waddles.
Buddy and Bobby, two of my three Alabama boys.  Buddy died in December, 2010 of Pneumonia and Congestive Heart Failure, at age 15.  Bobby is 12 and is still going strong.
Angelina, my little two year old angel.  She came running up to me as a two month old, about two months after my mom died, so I gave her my mom's middle name.
Angelina in a more active mood.
Beau, the third of my Alabama Boys.  16 pounds of intelligent Tabby Cat.  Congestive Heart Failure felled him at age nine, four months before Buddy was taken by a different complication of the the same ailment.
Beau up and about.  He was a very active cat until his heart started failing, then he deteriorated quickly.
Bobby the Bobtail Kitty.  Still as fast, muscular, healthy and playful as he was as a kitten.  Very affectionate cat.
Buddy, my Fat Boy and constant companion for fifteen years.  Passed in his sleep on the day after Christmas 2010, same year as Beau.  But his passing was comfortable after two good last months.
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