The Books
A Novel of the Far Future.  Set on an enormous space station orbiting a black hole.  Coveted by many, controlled by one.
Evil is afoot in the sun drenched city of Tampa.  It is stalking the more mundane evil that affects the lives of us all.  Urban Fantasy.
To date I have completed over twenty-two manuscripts,
growing as a writer throughout the process.  Three were
non-fiction exposé’s, completed in anger, to never,
probably, see the light of day.  Several were early works in
the fantasy world Refuge, which has evolved from those
early settings to render the early works incompatible.  I
consider these novels good practice for the future.  I have
put these books on the net because I feel that they are
good enough for publication, while continuing to pursue
my dream of a major publishing contract.  In the case of
The Deep Dark Well I feel that it was more than good
I try to tackle it all.  Science fiction and fantasy; cyborgs,
genetic engineering, terraforming, vampires, ghouls,
werewolves, elves, orcs and even demons.  If it is
something in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, I
am sure I will get around to writing about it.
There are several novels awaiting submission to agents. 
There are others awaiting rewrites, while I continue to
produce new work.  I hope you enjoy my offerings.  They
are sure to be joined by more in the future.
Welcome to Imagination Unlimited, a Website devoted to my writing.  Now at Amazon and Smashwords:  The Deep Dark Well (far future science fiction), The Hunger (vampire Avenger in Sunny Tampa) and The Scorpion (uploaded terrorist threatens the world).  The Shadows on the Multiverse (creatures from another dimension threaten the Universe), and Refuge:The Arrival: Book 1 nad 2 (scifi fantasy fusion)..   On the site, free eBooks Diamonds In The Sand and Doppelganger: A Novel Of Refuge
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eBook for $2.99
eBook for $2.99
eBook for $2.99
The World's most dangerous terrorist escapes death by uploading.  Now he is back, and the Great Satan is his target.
eBook for $2.99
In the Far Future the aliens responsible for the past extinction of Intelligence are back. Can three humans stop them?
eBookfor $2.99
eBookfor $2.99
Diamonds in the Sand and Doppelganger available at Amazon and Smashwords.
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eBook for $2.99
eBook for $2.99
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eBook for $2.99
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