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and Space Habitats
What is Terraforming?  It is the taking of unihabitable planets and making them habitable.  Terraforming is the part and parcel of written science fiction.  Not so much in movies or TV, though there are some examples.  I believe we will on day terraform other planets, either in the system of out.  Whether we use microbes  to do the job for us, or engage in a massive engineering project involving the movement of quadrillions of tons of material, if we survive to that time we will have the ability to change worlds to suit our purposes.  All it takes is energy, and any civilization capable of producing massive amounts of energy will be capable of this kind of engineering.  Again, all it takes is energy, and just a little bit of time.  At least decades, and probably centuries.  Mars and the Moon are both likely targets in our system.  Venus not so much, though not impossible.
A Terraformed Moon:  I really like this one, and the music is really cool too.
A Look From a Living Moon:  Not as much as the first, but I like the view of the earth above the Lunar Ocean.
A Terraforming Mars:  A video of Mars going from dead to live.
Terraforming Mars:  A bit quicker version of the planet become blue and beautiful.
Terraforming Mars From the Surface:  What it might look like in time lapse.
Venus Anyone:  Not sure how they intend to get the magnetic belts to generate.
Terraform All The Worlds:  Not sure its really possible, but with enough genius and energy, who knows.
The Moons of Jupiter:  Well done video.  Would be cool if it happened.
Terraformed Moon: in full rotation
Terraforming:  Article on Wikipedia, also separated by:
Terraforming Mars:  From Wikipedia.  Actually the easier of the propositions.
Terraforming Venus: The much more difficult prospect.
How Terrafomring Mars Will Work: From The How Stuff Works Site.
The Terraforming Information Pages:  Information in the form of articles, references and links.
Terraforming:  From the Astrobiology Web.
The Terraforming Art Gallery:  Beautiful and inspiring artists representations of Terraformed worlds.
Large Image of the Terraformed Moon:  Imagine this beauty in the night sky.
Terraforming the Moon, a Vision:  From Lunar-Union.org.  I would guess they are for it.
Terraforming Venus Quickly:  A paper from The Journal of The British Interplanetary Society.
Terraforming Wiki:  Some of the more bizarre Terraforming ideas are considered.
Titan Terraformed:  Short cartoon like vid of what it would look like.
Terraforming Mars: with German and English explanations.
TPE Terraformation de Mars:  Unfortunately in French, but the video is still cool.
Universe Sandbox - Terraforming Mars:  Really cool program for doing all kinds of studies.
Space Habitats.  Bringing a little bit of Earth into a tin can.  Not sure how far we will go with these, but I believe there will be billions living in them within the next three hundred years.
Rama:  From the Arthur C Clarke novel, but could be a space habitat as well.
Ring Habitat:  Just a little flythrough of a ring habitat that produces artificial gravity through spin.
More Sedate View of the Ring Habitat:  Still really cool, and gives a sense of place.
The Carousal:  Real Earth type environment?  At least it looks more secure.  A blowout of one dome doesn't harm the others.
Space Habitat 2:  Based in the Stanford Torus.
Another Clip of Rama:  I think this thing is really cool.  Makes me want to live on one.
Infinity-Universe:  Space station and Earth from this ambitious program.
Ringworld:  Based on the novel by Larry Niven, the ultimate space habitat, 3 million times the surface are of Earth.
Bernal Sphere Space Habitat:  Another Youtube video of a classic space station.
Von Braun Wheel Station:  The vision of one of the first modern rocket scientists.
Von Braun Space Wheel :  Another view of von Braun's vision.
Space Station One:  A 1952 vision of humans in space.
2001: Retro 1950s Version:  2001 as it might have looked made ten years earlier.
2001 Space Station:  One of the most famous of all.
Abstract Space Station:  Cool design, and whose to say we wont make them pretty.
Space Habitat:  Very Large and Peaceful Space Station.
Island One Space Habitat:  A teaching video about the Bernal Sphere Habitat.
Terasem O2 O'Neil Space Colony:  Originally thought up in 1929.
Space Colony Genesis:  Another view of the Rama Station.
Colonizing Space - '70s Style:  Back when we had true optimism about the future.
Habitat 3 - Bubbleworld:  Hollowed Asteroid Colony.
Space Habitat:  Article from the Visions 202 website.  A number of other subjects dealing with living in space.
Space Habitat: Wikipedia article with lots of links.
Space Habitat Design:  An article discussing some of the problems and solutions.
Living and Working in Space:  From the NASA Site
Lifeboat Foundation Space Habitats:  Good information about the conquest of space, and of course, habitats.
Island Three: Wikipedia article on this type of O'Neil Cylinder.
Artificial Gravity: and the Architecture of Orbital Habitats, from Space Future.
Rotating Space Habitats: From the Orion's Arm Encyclopedia Galactica.  Good idea generating site.
Space Habitats: At the Advanced Civilization (adciv.org) site.  Also some info on Terraforming.
Dyson Sphere:  Another Megastructure far beyond our means, but maybe possible for a truly advanced Civilization.
Colonization of the Asteroids:  Wikipedia article of asteroid colonization, very brief.
Space Colonization:  Also from Wikipedia, covers a variety of subjects with links.
Asteroid Mining: From PERMANENT.  Lots of links.
Colonization of the Asteroids: From the Space Colonization Wiki.
Space Settlement Basics:  Good article with links.
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