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The Superheroes of Comics.
All of the superbeings, and some not possessing any superpowers other than super courage.  The two biggest players were Marvel and DC, though there were also some cool heroes among the small fry.  Some started as villains and became heroes.  Others started as heroes and became villains.  And some switch back and forth more often than Brett Favre deciding to come out of retirement.  All are larger than life.  I grew up reading about most of these guys and gals, and they still influence a lot of my thinking about settings and characters and have a great deal to do with my imagination.
Marvel Superheroes.
Wolverine:  Appeared first in the Hulk, and not one of my favorite characters, but one of the most popular Marvel Characters of all time.  Healing, Claws and Adamantium reinforcement of his bones.  Mutant.
Spiderman:  My all time favorite, first appeared in Amazing Fantasy.  Superstrength, speed, agility, but not overpowered, and of course the ability to cling to walls and ceilings.
Captain America:  Debuted in 1941, then resurrected by modern Marvel.  Supersoldier with better than human abilities.
Iron Man:  Tony Stark develops a super mechanical suit.  No real superpowers, but the suit allows him to fly, have super strength, and other abilities.
The Hulk:  The most powerful of the Marvel Heroes and more of an Antihero.  1962.  Superstrength to an extreme.
Thor:  The God of Thunder.  Only he can use his hammer, Mjolnir, which allows him to fly.  Super strength.
Doctor Strange:  The master of magic, with very weird artwork.  Strange Tales in 1963.
Submariner:  Prince Namor, half human, half Atlantean, with the power of flight and Hulk like strength, unless he's too long out of water.  First appeared in 1939.
Mr. Fantastic:  Reed Richards, Leader of the Fantastic Four.  Able to stretch and shape his body to anything he desires, and scientific genius.  Like all of the Four he gained his power from Cosmic Rays encounterd in space.  1961.
The Human Torch:  Johnny Storm, brother of Sue Richards in the Fantastic Four.  Able to convert body to fire and fly, and well as throw objects of flame.  Name also of an Android with the same powers in the 1940s.
The Invisible Woman:  Sue Richards, married to Reed and a member of the FF.  Invisibilty and force fields.
The Thing:  Ben Grim of the FF.  Superstrength and hard rocklike skin.
Daredevil:  Blind lawyer Matt Murdock has super senses and trained agility to fight crime.
Hank Pym:  One of the founders of the Avengers, both as Ant Man and Giant Man.
The Wasp:  Janet Van Dyke, wife of Hank Pym and one of the Avengers.  Flight, tiny size, and a wasp sting.
Luke Cage:  Hero For Hire and the first Black Marvel superhero.  Superstrength and bullet proof skin.  At one point was in the Fantastic Four as a fill in for the Thing.
Professor X:  Charles Xavier before he became Patrick Stuart.  1963.  The leader of the Xmen.  Super telepathy.
Cyclops:  Scott Summers, one of the original Xmen and the field leader.  Force beams from eyes.
Archangel:  Originally the Angel and one of the original Xmen.  Warren Worthington III.  Angel wings and flight.
Jean Grey:  Originally Marvel Girl before PC, original member of Xmen.  Telepathy and telekinesis, then became superbeing Phoenix with even more power.
Iceman:  Bobby Drake, the youngest of the original Xmen, like the Human Torch of Ice.
Beast:  Hank McCoy, original Xmen, first only had powers of super agility, then turned into the furred beast and added super healing powers.  Also a scientific genius.
Havok:  Scott's Summers younger brother Alex, with power to absorb and transform cosmic rays.  The Living Pharaoh (Monolith) was linked to him and as Alex's powers grew the Pharoah's waned.
Quicksilver: Pietro the brother of the Scarlet Witch, was both hero and villain.  Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the Avengers.  Superspeed.
The Scarlet Witch:  Wanda, sister of Quicksilver, with the power to manipulate probability (hex). Belonged to the same groups as her brother and was both Heroine and villain.
Hawkeye:  Non Super superhero and an Avenger.  Marvel's answer to Green Arrow.
Storm:  One of the new Xmen, Ororo has the power of flight on the winds and control of weather.  Mutant.
Colossus:  Russian Piotr Rasputin, mutant who can turn his body to steel.  New Xmen.
Nightcrawler:  German Kurt Wagner can teleport and wall crawl.  Mutant and member of New Xmen.
Rogue:  Mutant Anna Marie has the ability to take thoughts, memories and abilities of others by touch.  New Xmen.
Gambit:  Remy has the ability to charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy.  Mutant and New Xmen.
Vision:  Android who can change the density of his body to pass through things.  Avenger.
Magneto:  More of a villain, but has been a hero at times.  Powerful mutant with magnetic power.  Favorite of mine was when he fought the Hulk in an early Hulk.  Of course Magneto lost, just like everyone else.  Max Eisenhardt.
Blade:  Eric Brooks is born to a dead mother who had been killed by a vampire, becoming the half vampire Daywalker known as Blade.  Hunts and kills vampires.  That's all he does and he's very good at it, thank you.
She-Hulk:  Bruce Banner's Cousin Jennifer Walters becomes the She-Hulk after a blood transfusion from Bruce.
Captain Marvel:  One of many with this name, Mar-vell is a Kree Superhero who fights for Earth.
Black Panther:  T'Challa, an African Prince, Superhuman senses and physical attributes.
Hercules:  Demigod comes down from Olympus periodically to fight Heroically on Earth, offtimes with Thor.
Silver Surfer:  Norrin Radd was once the herald of superbeing Galactus.  Silver flying board and energy blasts.
DC Comics
The other of the really big time comics companies.  Never really ever found out what DC stood for.
Superman:  Kryptonian Kal-el, alter ego Clark Kent, probably the best known superhero of all time.  Invulnerability, superspeed, superstrength, flight, heat and xray vision and super hearing.  Member of the Justice League.
Batman:  Another of the best know heroes, but one with no superpowers, only training, grit and a billionaire's toys.  Bruce Wayne become Batman when his parents are killed by a criminal.  Justice League.
The Flash: Actually a series of characters, starting with Golden Age Jay Garrick, whose wife also possessed super speed, Barry Allen, the best known, Wally West, the third, and Bart Allen, the Kid Flash.  Superhuman speed to the extreme, and the ability to vibrate their molecules around solid objects.  Justice League.
Green Lantern:  Hal Jordan is the Earth member of the Green Lantern Corps of Intergalactic Policemen.  His ring gives him the power to create whatever he can imagine.
Wonder WomanAmazon Dianna Prince is superhuman with bracelets that deflect bullets and a whip that forces obedience.  Member of the Justice League.
Aquaman:  Arthur Curry is the son of an Atlantean Princess and a surface man.  Strength, super swimming and control of sea creatures.  Member the Justice League.
Martian Manhunter:  Intriguing superhero from Mars, with superstrength, flight, and a weakness to fire.  JL.
Green Arrow:  Billionaire Oliver Queen is the master archer.  With sidekick Speedy.  Justice League.
Robin:  Dick Greyson, Batman's sidekick, with no superpowers, just agility, skill and courage.
Black Canary:  Dinah Lance gains the power to emit an ultrasonic scream.
Supergirl:  Kal-el's cousin Kara has all of his powers, making her the second most powerful DC hero.
Captain Marvel:  DC Version was magical, using the word Shazam to turn into a superstrong flying hero.  Originally from the 1930s.
Captain Action:  Based on a toy, but with little to do with it, Captain Action, with a short run, used Coins of Power, which were coins with the power of the Gods, to give him superpowers.
Legion of SuperheroesSet in the 30th and 31st Centuries, with a time traveling Superboy, and other heroes such as Brainiac Five, Karate Kid, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Sun Boy, Ultra Boy, Mon-El, and of course many many more.
Doom Patrol:  Another of the DC supergroups, a quirky group of misfits, led by Dr. Niles Caulder,  with Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, and Mento.
Plastic Man:  Aquired by DC, the original superhero able to stretch and assume weird shapes.