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Super Hero Movies
The Characters are somewhere between fantasy and science fiction, all with the powers we would all love to have.  DC and Marvel were the two biggies.  Superman was an early entry to movies and TV, and there were several TV series and movies through the years, most of them awful.  New technology has now brought the characters to life.  Superman and the Flash has true superspeed, Spiderman has super agility, and the Hulk can transform into the massive creature he was in the comics.  I loved even the ones that weren't smash hits, because I followed them as a child, and now can see them roam the Earth, and Space, and beyond.
Superman and the Mole Men:  1951.  Based on the Superman TV series with Steve Reeves.
Batman:  1966.  Based on the really campy TV show with Adam West.
Superman: The Movie:  1978.  Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel in the first of the good Superhero Movies.
Superman II:  1980.  Sequel to The Movie, where Kryptonians come to Earth to Challenge the son of their old enemy.
Condorman:  1981. Comic Film about a Comic Illustrator who becomes his hero.
Superman III:  1983.  Christopher Reeve again as Superman, with Richard Pryor's comedic touch.
Supergirl:  1984.  Superman's Kryptonian Cousin comes to Earth and fights a Witch.
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace:  1987.  Last of the Christopher Reeve Superman Movies.  Superman disarms the world, destroying all nuclear weapons.
Batman:  1989.  Tim Burton's take on the Caped Crusader, with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Michael Keaton.
The Punisher:  1989.  Marvel's Vigilante copy of the Executioner goes after the mob.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  1990.  The underground comic heroes come to life, to fight Shredder.
Dick Tracy:  1990.  Cool movie about the comic strip detective.  Warren Beatty.
Darkman:  1990.  Original hero in a movie directed by Sam Raimi.
Captain America:  1990.  First big screen version of a Marvel Comics hero.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.  1991.  Second of the Mutant Ninja Turtles Films.
The Rocketeer:  1991.  A pilot finds a prototype jetpack and uses it to fight Nazis who are out for it as well.
Batman Returns:  1992.  Second Tim Burton Film with Micheal Keeton.  Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and Danny Devito as the Pengiun.  Very fun movie.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.  1993.  The Turtles go back in time to Feudal Japan to save a friend.
Meteor Man:  1993.  Robert Townsend as a man who gains superpowers after being hit by a Green Meteor.
The Fantastic Four:  1994.  Low budget Roger Corman film that was never released, but can be found on the web.
The Shadow: 1994. An Evil Man learns how to use the powers of mind to become a force for good.  Based on Radio.
Batman Forever: 1995. Continues the franchise with new director and new Batman.  Introduces Robin.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: 1995.  Hated them on TV, and they got no better on the big screen.
Darkman II: The Return of Durant:  Second in the series about a crippled man who becomes a superhero.
The Phantom: 1996.  Billy Zane as the Comic Strip Hero from the African Continent, fighting modern Pirates.
Darkman III:  Die, Darkman, Die:  Third and final installment in the Darkman Series.
Turbo: A Powers Ranger Movie:  1997.  About as bad as the first one, only good for the kiddies.
Batman and Robin:  1997.  Last of this series of Batman Movies, with Arnold as Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman.
Steel:  1997.  Shaq develops superarmor and a hammer with various powers.
Blade:  1998.  Wesley Snipes as the Daywalker, half-vampire hunter of the undead, in this initial release in the series.
Mystery Men:  1999.  Comedy about some Superheroes with less than fantastic powers.
X-Men:  2000.  The heroic Mutants come to life, with Patrick Stewart as Professor X.
The Specials:  2000.  Kind of boring movie about a group of Superheroes taking time off.  Who came up with that?
Unbreakable:  2000.  Bruce Willis discovers that he is a Superhero, Unbreakable as in the title.
Blade II:  2002.  Vampire versus Supervampire, and Blade is caught in the middle.
Spider-Man:  2002.  My favorite Superhero brought to life.  Great Movie.  Tobey Maguire as the webhead.
Daredevil:  2003.  One of Marvel's lesser known heroes, a blind lawyer with super senses fights the crime boss on NY.
X-2:  2003.  Second of the X-Men Movies.  I thought the first was better, but this one wasn't bad.
The Hulk:  2003.  Strange movie that didn't follow the comic too much, but I did enjoy the Hulk jumping scenes.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:  2003.  The Monsters and villains of the past become the heroes of this film.
The Punisher:  2004.  Another adaptation of Marvel's copy of The Executioner.
Spider-Man 2:  2004.  The Webhead is back, and Doc Octopus is the villain.   Again a good movie.
Catwoman:  2004.  Still not sure if this was the Catwoman from Batman or not.
Blade Trinity:  2004.   Third in the series of the Daywalker, fighting Dracula brought back from the dead.
Elektra:  2005.  Spinoff from Daredevil, with a woman who is a master assassin trying to save a family from death.
Batman Begins:  2005.  Reboot of the Batman series with a completely new origin storyline.
Fantastic Four:  2005.  Finally, the Marvel Flagship of the 60s comes to the big screen.
Sky High:  2005.  Comedy about a school for Superhero children that is set in the sky.
X-Men: The Last Stand:  2006.  Third in the series about the mutants warring against each other, Good against Evil.
Superman Returns:  2006.  Reboot of the Superman series, with Superman returning to Earth after years in space.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend:  2006.  A woman with super powers gets revenge on the boyfriend who dropped her.
Lightspeed:  2006.  Superhero with Superspeed, and a serious metabolic weakness.
Zoom:  2006.  Another Film about an academy for Superhero Children.  I guess one wasn't enough.
Ghost Rider:  2007.  Supernatural Superhero film with Nicolas Cage as the man brought back from Hell to be a hero.
Spider-Man 3:  2007.  As the title says, the third of the Webhead movies, with a dark Spider-Man and Sandman.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer:  2007.  Worst thing about this movie is the death of the Silver Surfer.
Underdog:  2007.  There's No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here.  Live action of the old cartoon hero.
Iron Man:  2008.  Tony Stark invents the Iron Man Suit and uses it to fight evil, even in his own company.
The Incredible Hulk:  2008.  Much better version of the Big Green Guy, doing all the things we love about him.
Hancock:  2008.  Movie about an immortal Superhero who is stuck in a bottle, drinking his life away.
The Dark Knight:  2008.  Sequel to the 2005 Batman Reboot.  With the Joker as the main foil.
Punisher: War Zone:  2008.  Another reboot of this story of an avenger taking a bite out of crime.
The Spirit:  2008.  Bizarre Superhero Noir film about a tennis shoe wearing superhero who heals from everything.
Watchmen: 2009.  Bizarre and cool movie about Superheroes and some that become villains.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine: 2009.  From before the Civil War to the present, the story of the immortal Mutant.
Iron Man 2:  2010.  Second of the Iron Man movies and one of the lead in movies for The Avengers.
Jonah Hex:  2010.  DCs post-Cival War antihero rides in this movie.
The Green Hornet: 2011.  And of course Kato fight crime in the big city.
Thor:  2011.  Marvel's God of Thunder, and another lead in to the coming Avengers Movie.
X-Men: First Class:  2011.  Charles Xavier and Magneto raise a team to fight a mutant that wants to destroy the world.
Green Lantern:  2011.  Finally DC brings a different Hero to the Screen.  Critics panned it, I pan the critics.
Captain America: The First Avenger:  2011.  Finally Cap done right, and another lead in to the Avengers Movie.
TV Series and Made for TV Movies.
There were several TV series that weren't very good until we get to modern times, and a number of made for TV Movies that were mostly terrible.
Adventures of Superman:  1952-58.  George Reeves as the Man of Steel.  I grew up watching the reruns of this series, which were not bad for the times.
Batman:  1966-68.  Adam West in the Campy adventures of Batman.  Never taken seriously.
The Green Hornet:  1966-67.  Bruce Lee stole the show in this series about a crime fighting newspaper man.
The Incredible Hulk:  1978-82.  Not as good as the comic Hulk, but not bad for a TV series.  Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.
The Greatest American Hero: 1981-83.  A man finds an alien suit that confers super powers, but doesn't find the instruction sheet.  Very good comedy.
The Flash:  1990.  Very good TV series that died an early death due to the expense of making a quality show.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman:  1993-1997.  Kind of cute remake of the Superman Legend.
Smallville:  Long running season about Clark Kent and his friend, then enemy, Lex Luthor.  Great special effects highlighted the show, which turned into something of a soap opera.  If I had to listen to Lana Lang talk one more time about honesty I was going to puke.
X-Men: The Animated Series: 1992.  First of the X-Men TV series.
X-Men Evolution:  2000-03.  Much better animated series about the modern mutants.
Super Friends:  1973-86.  Cartoon about the Justice League of America.
Justice League: The New Frontier:  2008 direct to video animated movie.
Batman: The Animated Series:  1992-1995.  Animated series by Warner Brothers.
Superman: The Animated Series:  1996-2000.  I guess since it worked for Batman.
The New Batman Adventures:  1997-99.  I guess continuing from where the old left off.
Batman Beyond:  1999-2001.  Also known as Batman of the Future.
Static Shock: 2000-04.  A different DC hero than the others, with the ability to generate electricity.
The Zeta Project:  2001.  A Cyborg Assassin develops a conscience.
Justice League:  2000-2004.  Animated series about the Justice League of America.
Justice League Unlimited:  2004-06.  I guess the first series was limited.
The Amazing Spider-Man.  1977-78.  Only 13 forgettable episodes.  Live Action.
Mutant X:  2001-04.  Live Action TV show about genetically engineered mutants.
Blade: The Series:  2006.  The Daywalking Vampire Hunter comes to the small screen.
The Marvel Super Heroes:  1966.  Truly awful anthology of Marvel Characters including Thor and the Hulk.
Heroes:  Truly great series about a number of people who develop superpowers.  My favorite is Hiro, the little Japanese guy with the power to travel through time and space.