Welcome to Imagination Unlimited, a Website devoted to my writing.  Now at Amazon and Smashwords:  The Deep Dark Well (far future science fiction), The Hunger (vampire Avenger in Sunny Tampa) and The Scorpion (uploaded terrorist threatens the world).  The Shadows on the Multiverse (creatures from another dimension threaten the Universe).   On the site, free eBooks Diamonds In The Sand and Doppelganger: A Novel Of Refuge.
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Site Map
Index:  The Homepage of the Site.
Biography:  About the Author and owner of the Site.
The Books:  About the books that are being offered on the Site by the owner.
The Deep Dark Well:  Hard science fiction novel set in the far future.
The Hunger:  Vampire Avenger takes on the Tampa Mob.
Diamonds In The Sand:  Science fiction mystery on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
The Scorpion:  Uploaded Terrorist versus Cyborg Agent in the mid 21st Century.
The Convoy:  About the first novel I had ever written.
Short Stories:  A collection of unpublished shorts.
Philosophies:  My writing philosophies, among others.
Art and Images:  My drawings, maps and other things, coming soon.
Links:  Links of interest to writers, and some readers too.
Science:  Links to specifically science topics useful in science fiction.
Black Holes:  Links to sites and vids about the most massive objects in the Universe.
Genetic Engineering and Nanotech:  Staples of my fiction and the chilling possibility of the future.
Terraforming:  The creation of new Earths.  Also a staple in my work.
Mythology:  Myth and legend and the basis of fantasy.
Vampires:  The kings and queens of the undead.
Dragons:  Fantastic beasts of myth and legend.
Lesser Undead:  Ghouls, Zombies, Mummies and others.
The Cats:  All about my furry friends.
Site Map:  This very page.
History and Culture:  Factual Information to flesh out Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical Works.
Weapons and Warfare:  The Hardware, Strategy and Tactics that add to the plot of many tales.
Castles and Fortresses:  The Background of many a military minded tale.
The Shadows of the Multiverse:  The Shadows are stiring across the Universe, bringing doom to intelligent life.
Doppelganger:  A Book of Refuge, introducing the series of Epic Fantasy.
Refuge:  The Books and the World.
Refuge Maps:  Some very old and very detailed.
Entertainment:  Master Page Linking to Pages of Movies, Books And Games.
Science Fiction Movies:  Some of my all time favorites and a couple of stinkers thrown in for interest.
Fantasy Movies:  Again some of my favorites and some bad ones of interest.
Horror Movies:  Again some of the greats, some of the horrible, and very few slasher flicks.
War Movies:  People at their best and worst, in some of the better offerings of this Genre.
Super Hero Movies and Shows:  From early horrible to the very good modern.
Super Heroes of the Comic:  The well known and some of the lesser known.
Favorite Books:  Favorites from many genres.
Refuge The World:  Information on the planet itself.
Refuge The Gods:  The Deities, Demons and Angels of the World.
Refuge The Inhabitants:  The rundown on all the sentient and semi-sentient races and species.
Refuge: The Arrival: Books 1 & 2: The true beginning of the Refuge Fantasy Series.
Scifi Images:  Pictures and drawings from the world of science fiction.
Fantasy Images: Pictures and drawings from the world of Fantasy.
Horror Images:  Pictures and drawings from the world of Horror.
Shadows Drawings: Drawings and conceptualization from Shadows of the Multiverse.
Refuge Drawings: Drawings and conceptualization for the Refuge Series.
Exodus: Empires At War:  Epic science fiction about two Empires on a collision course.  Two enter, but only one leaves.