Short Stories
I have written a number of short stories, most of which have been submitted to the pulps at one time or another.  By pulps I mean such tomes as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Asimov's and Analog.  I have come to the conclusion that to get into these magazines one has to compete with already published writers of some fame who are trying to keep their name out among the pulp reading public.   That or one must write in such an unusual or ground breaking style that, in my opinion, the stories are not enjoyable or comprehensible.  I offer these shorts here as is.  Some came close to selling.  One was remarked on by Marion Zimmer Bradley herself, who stated she would have bought it except it violated her three rules of story telling.  She offered to buy the next thing I sent her.  Unfortunately for the world and myself this wonderful lady passed away within weeks of my receiving her rejection.  I leave it to the reader to discover which story I am referencing with this short tale.  I hope you enjoy reading these shorts.  I have no plans in the future for writing more, unless I am paid up front for their production.  I am a novelist.  I truly love writing the long tale, developing characters and settings, working in subplots.  All things which are beyond my ability in the short narrative form.
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Fantasy Short Stories
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  There's more than one way to conquer space.  What if it goes terribly wrong. 
What goes around comes around, no matter the tech level.
What would we do if a visitor came from space, and we didn't know why it was here?
  If things inprove in technology, what about magic?
  How do you convince someone who works with the mentally ill that they are not crazy?  That they are really being haunted.
  A different take on the Eastern European Vampire. 
Vampire versus CIA Cyborg.  Winner takes all?
Another side of fighting vampires near the arctic circle.  Sometimes the days are very long.
No, not the game.  Introducing the cyborg Ranger who becomes the hero of Diamonds in the Sand
A false religion springs up on Mars.  It is up to a Jesuit agent from Rome to free its members from the cult.
And you thought the Aliens were tough.  They're nothing compare to these genenged babies, the survivors of a past war.
One species Hell might be another's paradise.
When man control space and time, is it science or magic?
When a priest accepts a bet to destroy an undead monster, will his Goddess stand with him.
Will computers bring true democracy, or simply control of the masses?
How many times can one fight the same battle until they get the result they want?