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Science Fiction Movies
They're not always the best, but sometimes they are still spectacular.  Almost never as good as the books, when there was one, they are still visually stimulating.  And they've come a long way from the days when there was a separate B-movie list of actors that only appeared in them.  Now they are big budget, and the actors line up to be in them.  Some of the biggest block busters of all time.  On this page I present links to some of the greatest of the Science Fiction Movies.  There is another page for Fantasy, though in some cases it is hard to distinguish between the two Genres in film, as film makers are not always as careful as writers to keep their genres straight.  And in some case, as in Star Trek and Star Wars, they enter the realm of Science Fantasy.  Still, I will keep them in this classification for the time being.  Not all movies listed here are great, but all made an impact on me.  In fact some are very bad, but still made an impact.  Also includes many works from the small screen.  Fantasy Movies will be on the Fantasy Movie Page, and Superhero Movies will be on the Superhero Movie page.  Some TV shows are listed that had movie spinoffs, but TV itself will be covered on another page.
Forbidden Planet:  This one was the precurser to Star Trek, with fantastic effects for the time that still look good.
Forbidden Planet Trailer:  From Youtube.
Forbidden Planet Invisible Monster:  Something again ahead of its time.  Really cool visuals.
2001: A Space Odyssey:  Another visual feast from one of the greats of scifi.  Directed by Stanley Kubrik.
2001 Trailer:  Have seen it on Blue Ray and it still looks really good, a masterpiece.
Avatar:  If you haven't seen this, get to it.  Magnificent in 3D and 2D, a visual feast.
Blade Runner:  Ridley Scott's Masterpiece based on a Phillip K Dick Novel.  Very cool in a Dark sort of way.
Blade Runner Trailer:  At Youtube.  Replicants, Archologies and all.
Dark City:  Is it Scifi or Fantasy.  One of my all time favorites.
Alien:  Very dark and very cool.  Sure, the creature was probably impossible, but it was awsome.  Lots of sequels.
Alien Trailer:  And I had never seen anything like it either.
Star Wars:  Another film (actually series) that is probably closer to fantasy, but really popularized scifi movies.
Star Trek:  Series of Films first based on The Original Series and then continuing with The Next Generation.  Star Trek presents a hopeful future with equality for all, and still lots of violent bad guys to spice things up.  Probably the most influencial Scifi Franchise of all time with eleven films and six series.
Stargate:  Also more than one series and several made for TV movies, a very good series with a great cast and imaginative story telling.
Matrix:  Series of three films about the evil computers ruling the world, and the free men and women who fight them.
Silent Running:  Ecocentric scifi tale about the last forest in space.  Bruce Dern at his best.
The Terminator:  Arnold in his career role as a killer robot from the future.  Spawned sequels and a TV series.
The Time Machine:  The George Pal Original, though the new version is also pretty good.  1960.
Supernova:  Another very dark tale, with great effects and twisted characters.
Babylon 5:  One of my all time favorites and a space opera that was not Star Trek.  Five Seasons, movies and more.
Andromeda:  Another Roddenberry created series with something different.  Kevin Sorbo stars.
Akira:  1988.  Anime Film set in Tokyo, a masterpiece and considered by some the greatest anime movie ever.
War of the Worlds:  The Original Movie, which didn't follow the book, but still better than the newest version.
The Fifth Element:  Delightfully Wacky Tale starring Bruce Willis.  Great future city scenes.
Frequency: Time Travel through the Radio.  Dennis Quad as a man trying to change time on the instructions of his son, who is in the future.
Frequency Trailer:  From Youtube, original trailer of this 2000 hit movie.
Total Recall:  Arnold's role as a secret agent on Mars is a keeper.
Metropolis:  Fritz Lang's silent film is a masterpiece that is still magnificent.
Artificial Intelligence:  Steven Spielberg's film is described as Pure Magic.  A robot boy wants to capture his past.
Jurasic Park:  First of the great CGI films, and spawned a number of sequels.  Dinosaurs walk the Earth, again.
Frankenstein:  The original work was considered science fiction in its time, so why not the original movie.
Things To Come:  1936 version of H G Wells classic about an endless war, peace, and the conquest of Space.
Buck Rogers:  Original Serial Film based on the Comic Strip.  Buster Crabbe, who also starred as Flash Gordon.
Dr. Cyclops:  Cool Movie about a scientist that develops a shrinking ray.  1940.
Destination Moon:  First of the realistic movies about space travel. 1950.
The Thing:  John Carpenters masterpiece based on the story by John Campbell.
The Day The Earth Stood Still:  1951, and still the best version.
Invaders from Mars:  1953.  The original, though a remake was made that was better, this one still is good.
Robot Monster:  One of the worst scifi movies ever, and therefore worth a look.
When Worlds Collide:  1951.  First of the disaster movies, the title says it all.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:  1954.  First feature length Disney film with Kirk Douglas.
Creature From The Black Lagoon:  Filmed in nearby Wakula Springs.  Great monster.
Gog:  1954.  A Cold War Thriller about things going very wrong in a top secret Government Facility.
Them:  Classic 1954 Tale.  And you thought the fire ants in the backyard were bad.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers:  1956.  First in a long line of movies based on this story.
Earth vs. Flying Saucers:  1956.  The first Independence Day.  Aliens invade the Earth in flying saucers of course.
The Giant Claw:  1957.  A movie so bad it's worth a look.  A Giant Bird from space terrorizes the world.
The Incredible Shrinking Man:  1957.  Fantastic Movie based on a Fantastic Book.  A man shrinks to the atomic world.
Kronos:  1957.  Invasion of a Machine that eats energy, and comes to Earth for our Bounty.
20 Million Miles to Earth:  The first mission from Venus comes back and drops an alien egg in Italy.
The Blob:  1958.  The Original Protoplasmic Horror.  With Steve McQueen.
The Fly:  1958.  The Original and still Creepy as Hell.  Man teleports with an accidental passenger.  A Fly.
The H-Man:  Japanese Science Fiction Movie about men turning to protoplasmic horrors when exposed to radiation.
The Amazing Colossal Man:   1957.  A man exposed to a nuclear blast grows to incredible size, except for his heart.
4D Man:  1959.  A Scientist discovers how to penetrate matter, at a cost.  His life force, which he must replenish.
The Angry Red Planet:  1959.  An expidition to Mars runs into monsters and Martians.
Journey to the Center of the Earth:  1959.  Another Verne Classic, and I liked this one better than the new one.
On The Beach:  1959.  Classic tale of nuclear apocalypse.  Everyone dies in the end.
Plan 9 From Outer Space:  1959, Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi.  Called by some the worst movie of all time, so worth a look.  Lugosi's last movie, though he only appeared through stock footage shot for another movie.
The Hideous Sun Demon:  1959.  Classic low budget Atomic Age Cult Classic.
Robinson Crusoe on Mars:  1964.  Surprisingly good film about a man stranded on Mars and the discovery of slave keeping aliens.
The Lost World:  1960.  Not the Jurasic Park Sequel, but the movie based on Author Conan Doyles novel.
Master of the World:  1961. Another Jules Verne novel brought to life, with Vincent Price and Charles Bronson.
The Phantom Planet:  1961.  Set in 1980, a small asteroid turns out to be a complete world at war with aliens.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: 1961.  The submarine Seaview, which later spawned a TV series.
The Day of the Triffids:  1962.  Carniverous plants invade the Earth after a meteor shower blinds almost everyone.
Journey to the Seventh Planet:  1962.  Exploration of Uranus leads to exploration of the inner mind.
The Nutty Professor:  1963.  The original with Jerry Lewis.  A lot of fun to watch.
The Last Man on Earth:  Another of the I Am Legend productions, with Vincent Price and some avoidable vampires.
First Men in the Moon:  1964.  H G Wells tale brought to life.
Planet of the Vampires:  1965.  Saw this one at the theater.  Not sure if they were vampires, but the movie was creepy.  Saw it again recently and it was dark.
Crack in the World:  An experiment causes the world to split in two, slowly.
Around the World Under the Sea:  1966.  Circumnavigation of the globe under the sea planting volcanic sensors.  Is much better than it sounds.  Lloyd Bridges, David McCallum.
Fantastic Voyage:  Submarine miniaturized and sent in to perform surgery.  A true classic.
Fahrenheit 451:  1966.  Ray Bradbury's book brought to life, as governments burn books and people memorize them.
Island of Terror:  1966.  British film about medical experiments gone wrong, and silicon creatures that eat bone.
Five Million Years to Earth:  1967.  Quartermass movie, very bizarre aliens from mats, 5 million years before.
Barbarella:  1968.  Jane Fonda as the woman in the future.  A classic but not really all that good in IMO.
Planet of the Apes:  1968.  The original classic which spawned four sequels and a short lived TV series.
The Power: 1968.  A psychic killer with superpowers kills again and again to protect his identity.
The Illustrated Man:  1969.  Series of Ray Bradbury Stories starring Rod Steiger.  Very good.
Marooned:  1969.  Astronauts are stranded in orbit when their capsule won't fire.  Gregory Peck.
Moon Zero Two:  1969.  Cult Classic about moon bases and space travel.
The Valley of Gwangi: 1969.  Last of the Harryhausen flims, and the best Dino movie until Jurasic Park.
Colossus: The Forbin Project:  1970.  A computer is charged with national defense and takes over the world.
The Andromeda Strain:  1971.  A Supercontangion from space is let loose on the world.
The Omega Man:  1971.  Yet another one based on I Am Legend.  With Charlton Heston.
A Clockwork Orange: 1971.  Classic Stanley Kubrik with Malcolm McDowell.  Gangs in future London, and future punishment.
THX 1138: 1971.  George Lucas' debut film, about a society where everyone must feel good, or face adjustment.
Slaughterhouse Five:  1972.  Kurt Vonnegut's tale of a man who becomes unstuck in time.
Sleeper:  1973.  Woody Allen's hilareous look at the future world and the man from the past who awakes in it.
Soylent Green:  1973. Dying world and the policeman who uncovers a horrible secret.  Charlton Heston and Edgar G Robinson in his final film role.
Westworld:  1973.  Robot Amusement Park turned deadly as the attractions go out of control.  Yul Brynner.
The Terminal Man:  1974.  Michael Crichton Story about a man's attempted cure with implants to the brain.
Zardoz: 1974.  Fantastic Movie about post-apocalyptic Earth and the people who rule it.  Sean Connery.
Outland:  1981.  Sean Connery in High Noon on Io.  One of my all time favorite scifi movies.
A Boy and His Dog:  1975.  Don Johnson in a great movie about an apocalypse survivor and his telepathic dog.
Rollerball:  1975.  Set in 2018 in a corporate world that looks so close today, and the sport for the masses.
The Ultimate Warrior:  1975.  Apocalyptic tale of a mercenary warrior and the people he saves.  Yul Brynner.
Logan's Run:  1976. Logan is a Sandman, tracking down those who refuse to die on their 30th birthday.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind:  Steven Spielberg's masterpiece about benevolent aliens visiting earth.
Damnation Alley:  1977.  Mutated Bugs and Superstorms are obstacles in a cross country expedition after the war.
The Boys From Brazil:  1978.  Clones of Adolph Hitler are being raised to be the next Fuhrer.
The Black Hole:  1979.  Bizarre Disney film that almost implodes from the cuteness of the robots.
Mad Max:  1979.  Mel Gibson introduces the Road Warrior in the Dystopian film from Australia. First of Series.
Time After Time:  1979.  Malcolm McDowell as H G Wells travelling through time to catch Jack the Ripper.
Altered States:  1980.  William Hurt is a researching looking into the working of the mind.
The Final Countdown:  1980.  The USS Enterprise (aircraft carrier) goes back in time to before Pearl Harbor.
Flash Gordon:  1980.  Comic hero brought to life in an extravagant movie.
Escape From New York: 1981.  New York is the prison of the Future, and Snake Plissken must get in and out.
Heavy Metal:  1981.  Animated Film based on the Science Fiction magazine.
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial:  1982.  Steven Spielberg and more friendly aliens, this time leaving their child behind.
Tron:  1982.  Imaginative tale of people trapped in a world within a computer, having to battle the master program.
Twilight Zone:  1983.  Movie based on the old Black and White TV series.
The Twilight Zone:  1959.  Great Black and White TV Series that explored a number of Science Fiction Themes.
Dreamscape:  1984.  Imaginative film about people able to go into the dreams of others, to change or to kill.
Dune:  1984.  Bizarre and off the mark adaptation of the book by Frank Herbert.
Firestarter: 1984: Drew Barrymore in Stephen King's story of a little girl with Pyrokinetic powers.
Night of the Comet:  1984.  Those who watched the Comet die, or turn into flesh eating monsters.
Repo Man: 1984.  The life of a repo man is intense, and this movie is a trip.
Runaway:  1984.  Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons in a story about a cop who destroys malfunctioning robots.
Starman: 1984.  Enchanting movie about an alien with life giving powers trying to get home with help.
The Terminator:  1984.  Killer robot from the future sent back to destroy the mother of his enemy.  Series.
Back to the Future:  1985.  Time Travel in a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor.  Great comedic adventure.  Series.
Brazil:  1985.  Film by Terry Gilliam of Monte Python fame has great effects and a bizarre storyline.
Cocoon: 1985.  Ron Howard film about elderly people in Florida helping an alien rescue mission.
D.A.R.Y.L.:  1985  A Robot Boy tries to survive when the government wants him taken apart.
Enemy Mine:  1985.  Great movie about two alien species at war, having to survive on a hostile planet together.
Lifeforce:  1985.  Energy eating Vampires from space come to Earth with Haley's Comet.
The Quiet Earth: 1985.  New Zealand film, mass disappearance of people on Earth.  End scene is worth the watch.
Real Genius: 1985. Competitor wit Weird Science, I liked this one much better.  Val Kilmer.
Flight of the Navigator:  1986.  Disney film about a boy abducted by an alien space ship to become its pilot.
The Fly:  1986.  Remake of the original with updated effects and storyline.  Jeff Goldblum.
Invaders From Mars:  1986.  Remake of the classic with better aliens and special effects.
The Wraith:  1986.  A man returns from the dead in a futuristic car to take out his killers.  Charlie Sheen.
*batteries not included: 1987.  Small living machines make a home for themselves in the home of an elderly couple.
Inner Space:  1986.  Comedy about a man and his submarine shrunk into a grocer.
Predator:  1987.  An alien hunter stalks a US Special Ops Team through the jungles of Central America.
RoboCop: 1987.  Cyborg Cop patrols old Detroit, with Dr. Peter Weller.  Series.
Spaceballs:  1987.  Mel Brooks spoof of Star Wars and others.  Ludicrous speed anyone.
Alien Nation:  1988.  Film about 100,000 aliens transplanted into Los Angeles, and the first alien cop.  TV series.
Killer Clowns from Outer Space:  1988.  Bizarre movie about alien clowns terrorizing a small town.
They Live:  1988.  John Carpenter movie about aliens among us, and those able to see them.
The Abyss:  1989.  Not all aliens come from space.  Some come from the deeps, and their not happy.
Millennium: 1989.  People from the future take those about to die in our time to the future to repopulate their world.
Hardware:  1990.  Part of a killer robot is found in the Wastelands, and reassembles itself out of household parts.
The Rocketeer:  1991.  In 1938 Los Angeles Nazis try to steal a jetpack, while the pilot fights them.
The Lawnmower Man:  1992.  A retarded lawn man becomes a virtual supervillain.
Universal Soldier:  1992.  Dead soldiers are brought back to life as supersoldiers.
Stargate:  1994.  The movies that started the franchise, with Kurt Russell and James Spader.
The Puppet Masters:  1994.  Heinlein's classic story brought to life, with Donald Sutherland.
Timecop:  1994.  Van Damme is a Timecop, policing the illegal use of time travelers trying to change the present.
Congo:  1995.  Killer Apes versus Laser Beams.  Guess which wins.  From Michael Crichton.
Johnny Mnemonic:  1995.  Keanu Reeves is an information messenger carrying his package in his mind.
Judge Dredd:  1995.  Based on the comic series.  I am the Law.  Police are Judge, Jury and Executioner.
Screamers:  1995.  In a future war robots are used as Trojan Horses, hidden killers that sneak up on their opponents.
Species:  1995.  First of a series about alien DNA being used by Earth scientist to create dangerous beings.
Tank Girl: 1995.  A Girl, her Tank, and Killer Kangeroos.  What more could you want?
12 Monkeys: 1995.  Terry Gilliam film about a time traveler trying to stop a future plague from developing.
Village of the Damned:  1995.  Remake of the old BW movie, with updated effects.
Waterworld:  1995.  The World is drowned, and Mythical Dry Land is the prize.
The Arrival:  1996.  Aliens are here to Terraform our world to fit theirs.
Mars Attacks:  1996.  Tim Burton Camp film about invading aliens from Mars.
Solo:  1996.  Great movie about a military robot who develops a conscience.
Contact:   1997.  Cerebral movie of First Contact based on Carl Sagan's one scifi novel.
Event Horizon: 1997.  A space ship using a black hole for power opens up a demonic dimension.
Gattaca:  1997.  In a future where genetics are everything, a man plans to get past his shortcomings and into space.
Men in Black:  1997.  Comedic science fiction film about legal aliens among us.
The Postman:  1997.  Kevin Costner as the Postman, who organizes resistence against the Warlord.  Great Movie.
Starship Troopers: 1997.  Not very true to the book adaptation of Heinlein's great book.  Start of series.
Armageddon:  1998.  Space Cowboys vs Killer Asteroid.  This was the year of the Asteroid movies.
Deep Impact: 1998.  A more serious look at a killer asteroid headed toward Earth, and the people who stop it.
Deep Rising:  1998.  Monsters from the Deep.  But really cool monsters from the deep.
Lost in Space:  1998.  Uninspired movie version of the 1960s TV show.
Soldier:  1998.  An engineered soldier is retired to a junk planet when the new model is brought online.
The X-Files: 1998.  First of the movies based on the hit TV series.  The Truth is Out There.
Bicentennial Man:  1999.  Base on Asimov's The Positronic Man, with Robin Williams as the robot.
Galaxy Quest:  1999.  Tin Allen as one of a cast of TV characters taken into space to save the Galaxy.
Virus:  1999.  An alien program downloads into a freighter, intending to reproduce itself into the systems of Earth.
Wing Commander:  1999.  Movies based on the famous Game Series.  Carrier war in Space.
Hollow Man:  2000.  A modern take on the invisible man story.  Scientist tests his own formula and goes mad.
Mission to Mars: 2000.  One of the two Mars movies in this year of Mars.
Pitch Black:  2000.  First of the Chronicles of Riddick, with Vin Diesel.
Red Planet:  2000.  The other of this years Mars Films.  Val Kilmer.
The One:  2001.  A man travels through dimensions killing his other self in order to gain their power.
Planet of the Apes:  2001.  First of the Planet of the Apes remakes.  Not well received.
Independence Day:  1996.  Great special effects and horrible storyline in an alien invasion movie.  Worth a look.
Equilibrium: 2002.  A Dystopian future where emotions are thought to be bad, and art and literature are condemmed.
Minority Report:  2002.  People are killed before they commit crimes, guilty or not.
Solaris:  2002.  Stanislaw Lem's story of a living planet, and the effect it has on the explorers.
The Time Machine:  2002.  Modern version of H G Wells classic with improved special effects.
Alien vs Predator:  2004.  Combination of two franchizes which started another one.
I, Robot:  2004.  The Robots revolve, except for the one who doesn't.  Not at all like Asimov.
Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow:  2004.  Imaginative tale of dieselpunk, with flying aircraft carriers.
Aeon Flux: 2005.  Postapocalyptic vision based on the shorts from MTV.
The Cave:  2005.  A cave under the Balkans has developed an alien ecosystem.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:  2005.  Based on the book by Douglas Adams.
The Island:  2005.  People grown for body parts get drift of the situation and try to escape.
Stealth:  2005.  An aircraft with an artificial intelligence interprets its order differently from what it makers do.
Children of Men:  2006.  No children have been born in decades, until a young woman becomes pregnant.
Ultraviolet:  2006.  Another Dystopian Fantasy, with Mila Jovovich.
I Am Legend:  2007.  Latest remake of the book, with Will Smith.
The Invasion:  2007.  Another take on the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Nicole Kidman.
Next:  2007.  A man can see minutes into his own future, and is recruited to find nuclear armed terrorists.
Transformers:  2007.  Fantastic effects highlight this film based on the Hasbro Toys.  Series.
Babylon A D:  2008.  Smuggling a little girl with powers into the future United States.
Cloverfield:  2008.  Imaginative movies of a giant monster invading New York, told from a victim's perspective.
The Day the Earth Stood Still: 2008.  Should have been called The Day the Nanobots Took Apart the Earth.
Jumper:  2008.  A young man discovers he has the power to teleport, and an organization is out to destroy him.
2012:  2009.  The Mayan prediction comes true and the surface of the Earth rearranges itself.
District 9:  2009.  Aliens live in a Ghetto of Johanesburg, while some plot to escape back into space.
Push:  2009.  Movie about people with superpowers and the organization that tracks them.
The Road:  2009.  Post Apocalyptic masterpiece about a man and his child on The Road, trying to survive.
The Book of Eli:  2010.  A man tries to protect the last copy of the bible in his memory while searching for a publisher
The Crazies:  2010.  A bioweapon accidentally released turns an entire town homicidal.
Skyline:  2010:  Another invasion film with good effects and a horrible storyline.
Battle Los Angeles:  2011.  A more upbeat invasion movie, the Marines kick ass.  Still had problems.
Limitless:  2011.  A drug is invented which unlocks the total potential of the human mind, with a price.
I Am Number Four:  2011.  Aliens with superpowers are being track and killed by the minions of their enemies.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes:  2011.  Really good remake of one of the Planet of the Apes movies.
Source Code:  2011. Time travel movie with a real twist at the end.
Super 8:  2011.  Cool alien.  Captured by the government that is exploiting it, an alien escapes to a small town.
The Thing:  2011. Prequel about the Thing unleashed on the Norwegians who found the ship.