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Science and Technology Links
Here you will find links to some of the sites I use to help me research the science and technology I use in my Science Fiction.  Click on the large banners to go to pages of special interest, which will include links to videos and artwork that I have found especially inspiring. 
Writer's Science and Worldbuilding Tools
We used to have to do everything on a calculator.  Now there are tools to do the work for us, as long as we input the variables.  Can also be used for Fantasy Worldbuilding.
References for Hard Science-Fiction Writers:  As it says, the real science and some thoughtful tutorials on how to get it right.
Apparent Angular Diameter Calculator:  Just how big is that moon in the sky anyway?
Plan a Planet Orbiting a Main Sequence Star:  Not just a world builder, but an idea generator.
Hard Science Fiction Tools:  A number of different astronomical and relativistic tools.
Atomic Rockets: a page explaining everything rocket, with emphasis on the atomic variety.
Science Fiction/Space Technology:  A NASA site about the technology of space travel.
Orbital Vector:  A Speculative Technology Database.  Good for ideas.
Kinetic Energy Equations and Formulas Calculator:  How much energy does that asteroid generate when it hits the Earth?
Space.com:  All kinds of good stuff for the space minded.  Pictures, articles. video.
Hyperphysics:  All kinds of physics lessons from the Georgia State University.
The Universe Within 50,000 Light Years:  Cool interactive map of the Milky Way.
3D Galaxy Map:  Another very cool interactive map of the Galaxy.
Space Telescope Science Institute:  Astronomy resources, news, pictures.
Planet Designer:  Another cool program, for the development of realistic planets.
Structural Mass Calculator:  Want to know how big you spaceship can be?  Calculate it here.
Planets:  Orbital simulator of planets around a star.
Planetary Classification:  Get it right the first time when describing planetary types.
Encyclopedia of Science:  From the Worlds of David Darling.  All kinds of good information and facts.
Nasa:  The source of all things space program.
Hubblesite:  All things Hubble.  Images to stir the imagination and the soul.
Astrobiology: From The Living Universe at Oracle ThinkQuest.  Lots of good information.