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Refuge Maps
Main Hemisphere of Refuge including the Kraslas, Taran, M'Sharan and Ahnkkar Continents, and the subcontinent of K'Ellysis, home of the IFN, as well as the majority of the continent of Darhaj, and the Green Peninsula jutting out of the antarctic continent of Lantarca.
Lesser Hemisphere of Refuge, including the Continents of Surosomana and Murasomana, Atlantis, and a lesser area of Darahaj.  Also shown is a the greater moon of Refuge, Lunas, to scale.
I started drawing maps of Refuge back in 1996, when I first started developing the idea.  I still use these original maps to guide me, though I have made some changes as the idea has evolved.  Names may change in the future, as may some of the layouts, but the general world will remain the same.  On this page are some of the larger maps of hemispheres and continents, and links to pull up the smaller maps of countries.  I hope this will provide some background and spark an interest in the world.  Enjoy.
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The K'ellysis Subcontinent, original point of origin of most of the Europeans who landed on Refuge, and eventual home of the Imperium of Free Nations (IFN).
More detailed look at the K'Ellysis Subcontinent, with river and canal systems, as well as the Eytalian Peninsula to the south, the Scandian Peninsula the Northeast, and the Thorwaldan Peninsula in the North Center.
Murasomana Continent in the Lesser Hemisphere.  Corresponding to North America on Our world, it will be the focus of some future stories.
The Ahnkar Continent of Refuge, the largest of the continental land masses, corresponding to Asia in our world.  The arrival point of most of the people of Asia that made the transition, though the Hebrews also lucked out.  Between the desert and the swamp in the lower west of the map is the Promised Land Plateau, a large, well watered and extremely defensible area that is the home of the Jewish people on this world.
Taran Continent, home of the Tarakesh Empire, an ancient empire with new leaders, from Earth.  Many peoples from Africa and the Middle East ended up here, as well as some Europeans.
Kraslas Continent, to the West of K'Ellysis, and mostly wilderness with the exception of a couple of small kingdoms in the Northern area.
The continent of M'shara and surrounding islands.  Kingdoms to the South and wilderness to the North.  Unfortunately this map was damaged from transport.  I will probably reconstruct it someday using the large hemisphere maps.
The Continent of Atlantis, home to humans who came from that legendary island to Refuge.
Surasomana Continent, Corresponding with South America.  A part of the Lantarca Continent is to the far South, at least part that can be traversed.
The Darahaj Continent, corresponding to Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, and where the people from those areas showed up.  In the Southwest is the Green Peninsula thrusting up from the continent of Lantarca.