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Refuge is from an idea I had when I first started writing and was trying to come up with ideas for fantasy.  I had always
been bothered by novels or movies in which the evil creature could take the soul of someone good and send it to Hell, or
turn it into an evil servant in this world.  Just really didn't seem just to me.  So I thought, what if the God of this world
protected the souls of his good and faithful servants.  In the new world they are also protected from any of the effects of
magic.  But they also can't use magic, in a world in which magic is a central part of life.  Most humans on the new world
eventually switch to the new religions that allow them to use magic, and put them at risk from the soul eaters and
stealers.  I also thought of the old Horseclans series by Robert Adams, which featured immortals who could only die of
burning or drowning.  I loved that series, and Adams died before he could finish it.   The third idea that came into play was
that most fantasy did not use real world strategy and tactics.  Most battles were simple melees where it was everyone for
themselves.  So with the idea in mind I set out to write a novel called Refuge.  It was enormous, over two hundred and
fifty thousand words.  I used Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, ect, based on the idea that these were archetypes that bled over from
the other dimension into our world, into the dreams and imaginations of people who wrote the modern tales of fantasy. 
The world was reached through dimensional gates that periodically opened between the worlds.   And nuclear weapons
opened the gates, wider and longer.  My main character in a book with too many characters was a Christian Orc who was
granted the ability to use magic by the Universal God.  I attempted to sell the novel, which of course was an early work and
too long.  I started on a sequel, which was to be just as long as the first.  I now consider these novels to be good practice
that furthered my attempted mastery of the craft.  Later I wrote a more manageable novel titled Refuge, with only a few
main characters and a word count of just over ninety thousand words.  This novel will be released as a self pub sometime
this year under a title still to be determined.  In 2010 I wrote another novel called Refuge.  This again was a very long
novel, over a hundred and forty thousand words.  I decided to go back to the beginning with this one, to the time when the
mass exodus of humans from the Earth came through the dimensional gates.   I kept many of the same characters.  Kurt
von Mannerheim, immortal ex-soldier of the German Reich who is destined to lead but has no desire too.  Ishmael Levine,
the Wandering Jew, the oldest of the immortals.  Paul Mason-Smyth, gigantic warrior who first become Kurt's friend, then
his rival, then the warlord of the Empire.  Heinrich Stuppleheim, Nazi ex-prison guard who sees Refuge as the perfect
opportunity to resurrect the German Reich.  Jacquelyne Smith, beautiful U S Army officer and first Queen of Germania, and
then Empress of the IFN.  The main characters that will grow through the novels to come.
The plan is to write a series of ten to twelve large novels covering this world.  The first three will cover the beginning,
when humans are first thrust into the magical world with their Earthly weapons, to fight, learn or die.  Soon the weapons
no longer work and humans are forced to use their ingenuity and knowledge of strategy and tactics to overcome the might
of the evil empire they have unintentionally invaded.  After the books will move to points a century or two at a time,
focusing on crucial events in the growth of the Empire and its enemies.  Until finally the great war occurs, the World War of
this planet, Empire against Empire.   The plan is to write and release a book a year.  Of course the plan may change.  And
there may be shorter spin off novels set in the same world.
I have maps of the entire world of Refuge that I made over twelve years ago.  The entire globe, each continent, and then
the books of smaller maps of each region and nation.  I used a program called Treepad to build a database of deities,
governments, cultures, etc.  Eventually I want to have those maps and documents on this website, to give my readers who
are interested a deeper look into the world.  This page will become the entrance to a minisite just about Refuge, spanning
scores of pages.  Each book will have its own page as well, linked to my books page and to this page.
Just a few notes about Refuge to hopefully wet the appetite.  Refuge has four Pantheons of Deities.  Law, Life, Chaos and
Death.  Life and Death are always opposed, as are Chaos and Law.  The Pantheons may be close, as is the case of Life and
Law, and of Death and Chaos.  Or they may tolerate the other Pantheons.  Life gets along with Chaos, and Law will not
always oppose Death.  Each Pantheon consists of Twelve Deities, one chief and eleven followers.  And each Deity has two
lesser servant Gods.  Each major God has created Twelve artifacts to further their cause.  The minor Gods have three
artifacts , powerful but of lesser value than those of the major Gods.  There are magic systems both for the religious and
non-religious practitioner.   Magic works on belief.  If a mage or priest believes that their spell will work, and they have
access to the energy to power the spell, the spell will work.  It takes an exceptional mage to come up with a new spell.  It
is not easy to believe in something that has never been done.  But magic progresses in this way over the centuries.  And
followers of the God of Earth, whether Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist, are protected from the affects of magic,
both good and bad.  Gunpowder and other explosives don't exist, by will of the Gods, and internal combustion engines are
an impossibility.  Steam engines are possible, as long as the machines carrying them are shielded from the effects of the
Gods of Earth or Water.  And then there are the immortals.  Stronger, faster and more intelligent than mortals, the older
they get the stronger they are.  No more knows how long they really live, but those who see the fortunes of others can find
no end to their life line.  They can reproduce.  Two immortals can have an immortal child, though females only become
fertile about twice a century.  But there are also half-immortals with many of the attributes of the full blooded breed, but
only five hundred years or so of life.  And immortals are also immune to magic.
On Refuge the combination of Elvish and Dwarven skill and magic, along with Earth human ingenuity, eventually develop
into wonders that the modern Earth human can't imagine.  Glass and steel skyscrapers with magical lift and drop shafts,
steam driven airships and clipper ships as fast as steamships on Earth, magical weapons and equipment mass produced and
issued to the common soldier, are just of a few of the technological wonders of the planet.  I have been developing this
idea for years, and have a real passion for the world and the characters.  I invite my readers to come along on a journey to
a fantastic realm, and follow the careers of the characters through the centuries and millenia.
Book Trailer on YouTube
Book Trailer on YouTube