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Mythology and Fantasy Links
The Realm of the Fae:  An interesting site with everything Faery.
Mythweb:  Comprehensive site covering Greek Mythology.
Greek Mythology:  Cpmprehensive Site of all things Greek Mythology.  Gods, Titansm Creatures and more.
Mythology:  Site covers all of the major Pantheons, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, American Indian and others.
Encyclopedia Mythica:  Very old and respected site of Mythology from all the regions of Earth.
Theoi Greek Mythology:  A site exploring Mythology through Classical Literature and Art.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore and Drama:  I think the name says it all.
Timeless Myths:  Classical, Norse, and Celtic Mythology, as well as the Legends of Authur.
Living Myths:  Greek, Celtic, Chinese and Native American Myths.
Indian Mythology:  As in North American Indian Mythology, broken down by Tribe.
Indian Myth and Legend:  From the Subcontinent of the Hindus.
Godchecker.com:  They have more Gods than you can shake a stick at, not that shaking a stick at the Gods is a good idea.
Ancient-Mythology.com:  All the majors plus Mayan, Mesopotamian, Zoroastrian and even stories from the Bible.
Mythome:  Another comprehensive site of all things mythic.
Earth Witchery:  A sire about witchcraft that includes information on Faeries and the Fae.
Faery Legends:  Wizards, Warriors, Fairy Queens and Goddess, and much more.
Monstrous.com:  The Elves of Scandinavian and German Folklore, along with Dwarves and Goblins.
Tolkien Gateway:  A site for everything Lord of the Rings.  So much fantasy is taken from JRR.
Names of Gods and Goddesses:  Supposedly all of them.
Iranian Mythology:  From The Mythology of All Races.
Other Links to Mythology and Fantasy
Shape Shifters:  Come on, you all know you want to let the beast out.
Werewolf: Wikipedia article with lots of links to other places.
Werewolves:  From Monstrous.com, with links to all kinds of other monsters.
Werewolves:  At Werewolves.com.  Links to a lot of Movies.
Werewolf Legends From Germany:  From The University of Pittsburg.
Werewolves: At I Love Werewolves.com.
History of Werewolves:  Short Page.
History of Werewolves: At Werewolves.
Shapeshifting:  Wikipedia article.
Shapeshifters and Shapeshifting:  Page on all types of shapeshifters.  Mostly links to other sites.
10 Mythological Creatures and Shapeshifters:  Selkies, Kitsune and more.
Comparison of Shapeshifter Myths in Popular Fiction:  Comparison of several popular mythos.
Werewolves - Lycanthropy:  Page that lists most of the different national legends.
Non-Werewolf Shapeshifters:  All the other animals that people have been said to turn into.
Where's The Were?:  A listing of different Were Creatures from around the world.
Werecreatures: At A Sorta Fairytale.
Heroes and Demigods:
Demigod:  Definition and Examples at Wikipedia.
List of Demigods:  From Wikipedia.
Demigods of Greece:  An important part of Greek Mythologies, with other pages as well.
Ancient Greek Demigods and Goddesses:  At Heavenly Greek Islands.
Hercules: The most famous of the Demigods, known in the Greek at Heracles.
15 Ancient Greek Heroes: From Plutarch's Lives.
Who Is Who in Greek Legend:  From About.com Ancient/Classical History.
List of Ancient Romans:  Not all heroes, but all noteables.
The Epic of Gilgamesh:  Ancient Sumerian Hero and one of the oldest stories on Earth.
Heroes of Myth: At Gods, Heroes and Myth.  Authurian, Babylonian, Celtic, Egyptian and more.
Osiris:  The Egyptian Dying God and Mythological Hero.
Rostam:  The Hero of Ancient Persia.
Da Yu:  Ancient Chinese Hero and the founder of the Xia Kingdom.
The Trojan War: With links to Heroes such as Achilles, Ajax, Hector and more.
Odysseus:  Hero of the Brain and not the Brawn.  The Thinking Hero.
Achilles: The Ultimate Warrior who still had his weakness.
Aeneus:  Refugee from Troy and the Ancient Founder of the Roman Race.
Romulus and Remus:  Legendary Founders of the City of Rome.
Cincinnatus:  Roman Farmer who became a General in time of crisis, then back to Farmer.
King Arthur:  Legendary King of England, Founder of Camelot and the Round Table.
Beowulf:  Hero of the Geats of Scandinavia, and most famous hero of Anglo-Saxon Lore.
Leonidas:  True life King of Sparta and the hero of Thermopylae.
William Wallace:  The 11th and 12th Century Hero of Scotland.
Ultimate List of Superheroes and Villains:  The modern mythology.
Demons, Devils, Djinn and Angels
Demon:  From Wikipedia.
List of Theological Demons:  From Wikipedia, with links to each individual Demon.
Demons Central:  From Monstrous.com.
List of Demon Names: With Links to each of the Demonic Creatures.  From Deliriums Realm.
The Origin of Demons:  Looks to be sort of Religious, but still a lot of info to stir the imagination.
Devil: From New Advent, The Catholic Encyclopedia.
History of the Belief in Demons:  From True Ghost Tales.
Lilith:  Jewish Mythological Demon and Adam's First Wife?
Joy of Satan:  View from the other side.  Be careful with this stuff if you value...
Satan - The Devil, and Demons:  At God on the Net.  Pretty sure these people don't like the ones above.
Pictures of Satan and Demons:  A Hell Happens.com.  Kind of cool pictures to stir the imagination.
Doctrine of Angels, Demons, and Satan:  From Quartz Hill School of Theology.
Satan and Lucifer: At Whyangels.com.
Lucifer:  An Article from Wikipedia.
Incubus:  Male Sexual Demon, and not the band.
Succubus:  Female Sexual Demon, from Cyodine.com.
Jinn:  Or Djinn, Genies or Supernatural Creatures from Arab Mythology.
Djinn Angels and Demons:  Summoning and Invocation. 
Not sure if these are real, but I won't be using them.
Angel:  Wikipedia Article about Angel as viewed by the major religions.
List of Theological Angels:  From Wikipedia, with of course links to each individual angel.
Angels and Demons List:  At Angelology, seemed to be very comprehensive.
All About Angels A to Z:  Another comprehensive site, seems from more of an occult background.
Heirarchy of Angels:  From Angelsghosts.com.  From all major religions.
Night of the Demon:  1957, and it scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.
Night of the Demon:  With a bit more of the Demon in it.
Witches, Wizards and the  Occult.
Mythology Gods and Goddesses.
Warning:  Some of these sites espouse or condone practices and viewpoints that might seem extreme and
even evil to some.   I neither support, condone nor vilify Witchcraft, Magic, Satanism, Paganism or any other
faiths or viewpoints.  They are simply placed here for the edification and imaginative stirrings of the minds or
readers and writers of the fantastic.  I get ideas from them for my fiction, and that is all.
Occultopdia:  The Occult and Unexplained Online Encyclopedia.
Merlin:  Most Famous Wizard of them all.
Witchcraft:  From Wikipedia, with lots of links.
European Witchcraft:  From Wikipedia, with of course lots of links.
Asian Witchcraft:  From the other side of the Super Continent.
The Salem Witch Museum:  From one of the most famous Witch Trials, if not the largest.
The Witches Voice:  A site and newsletter for the Pagan Community.
Witchcraft:  At the World of Wicca.  Including history and spells.
White Magic Spells:  From Whitewitchspells.com.
Occult Mystery:  Providing services to cure and protect from Evil Spells and Black Magic.
Black Magic:  From Spells of Magic, which they claim are harmful but not necessarily evil.
Satanic and Black Magic Spells:  They claim are real.  If so, be careful.
European Witch Hunts:  A case study by Gendercide.
What is a Warlock:  From Boudicca's Bard.
Wizards, Witches, Warlocks and Magicians:  Famous ones of fact and fantasy.
List of Magicians in Fantasy:  Comprehensive list of practicioners.
Famous Magicians:  At Warriors-wizards.com.  Historical and Legendary.
130 Famous Wizards, Occultists and Mystics:  At Ranker.com.
Medea:  Famous Witch from Greek Mythology.
Circe: Most famous Witch of Greek Mythology and Aunt of Medea.
Famous Witches: At Witchcraft, a guide to the misunderstood and the maligned.
List of Fictional Witches:  From Wikipedia, with links to most of them.
List of Famous Occultists:  Also at Wikipedia.
Modern Wiccan History:  From Spells-witchcraft.org.
Haitian Voodoo:  From Wikipedia, with links to the many different kinds.
Louisiana Voodoo: One reason LSU has been so good?
Voodoo Religion:  From All About The Occult.
Occult:  Definitions and links from Wikipedia.