Welcome to Imagination Unlimited, a Website devoted to my writing.  Now at Amazon and Smashwords:  The Deep Dark Well (far future science fiction), The Hunger (vampire Avenger in Sunny Tampa) and The Scorpion (uploaded terrorist threatens the world).  The Shadows on the Multiverse (creatures from another dimension threaten the Universe).   On the site, free eBooks Diamonds In The Sand and Doppelganger: A Novel Of Refuge.
Links to Writer's Resources, Things of Interest To Readers, and to the Pages of Other Authors
Writers and Writer's Sites.  Might not have your favorite on here, but many of mine.
Stephen King:  Horror Legend Stephen King - His Best Books. On best-horror-movies.com
Forward Motion: Founded by Holly Lisle, now run by Lazette Gifford, and one of the best sites for new writers on the net.
Taylor Anderson:  Author of the Destroymen Series.
Holly Lisle:  Mistress of Fantasy and teacher Extraordinaire.  Lots of good free stuff about writing.
Stephen King:  The Official Website of the Master.
Jim Butcher:  The Author of the Dresden Files and The Codex Alera.
C J Cherryh:  Grand Mistress of Science Fiction.
Travis S Taylor:  An actual Rocket Scientist who writes Science Fiction.
Charlie's Diary: The official blog of Scottish Science Fiction writer Charles Stross.  Craziness and genius abounds.
Robert J Sawyer:  Sure he's Canadian, but he's definitely not boring.  Hugo award winner.
Margie Lawson:  Not a writer, but a teacher of writers.  Offers a number of courses to improve the craft.
Larry Niven:  Creator of Ringworld and grand master of hard science fiction.
Robert E Howard:  Creator of Conan, Kull, Solomon Kane and many others.
Edgar Rice Burroughs:  Creator of Tarzan, John Carter, and the world of Pellucidar.
Tanya Huff:  The blog of the award winning Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer.
Poul Anderson:  Six time Hugo award winner and author of over 70 novels.  Good page at NNDB.
Jeanne Stein:  Bestselling author of the Anna Strong Urban Fantasy Series.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:  The professional organization for published authors.
Charles de Lint:  Award winning author of fantasy, and yet another Canadian (they seem to be everywhere).
Jeff Vandermeer:  Award winning fantasy writer who lives in my home town of Tallahassee.
Greg Bear:  Hugo award winning science fiction author.  And I don't think he's from Canada.
Robert Heinlein:  A Grand Master and contraversial author.  The page of The Heinlein Society.
Arthur C Clarke:  Official website of the award winning author and inventor of the communications satellite.
Isaac Asimov:  Another grand master and multiple award winning science fiction writer.
Harry Turtledove:  One of my favorite writers of alternate history.  Very prolific.
David Weber:  Author of the Honor Harrington series and the Honorverse. 
John Ringo:  Outrageous writer of military science fiction and fantasy.
Eric Flint:  Science fiction and alternate history writer.
J R R Tolkien:  Author of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time.
Marion Zimmer Bradley:  Grand Mistress of Fantasy and a wonderful person.
H P Lovecraft:  Creator of the Dunwich Horror, friend and contemporary of Robert E Howard.
Robert Adams:  Page dedicated to the author of the Horseclans Series.
Mike Resnick:  Award winning science fiction and fantasy writer.  Author of Birthright, The Book Of Man.
Orson Scott Card:  Award winning science fiction writer and teacher.
Dean Koontz: The master of horror and another masterful teacher.
Tom Clancy:  The master of the technothriller, with great characters and masterful research.
Bernard Cornwell:  Master of historical fiction and the author of the Sharpe's series.
Douglas Adams:  Official Website of the late creator of the Hitchhiker's series.
Terry Pratchett:  Writer of humerous fantasy such as Discworld.
Kevin J Anderson: Co-writer of the new Dune series and many works of his own.
Jerry Pournelle:  Co-author of the Mote in Gods Eye and other military scifi.
Steven Baxter:  Another Niven collaborator who has risen to stardom in his own right.
Gregory Benford:  A Physicist Hard Science Fiction writer, and Hugo Award winner.
Ben Bova:  Award winning hard science fiction writer.  Really good stuff within the solar system.
Charles Sheffield:  Author and ex-chief Physicist of NASA during the moon shots, and my early writing mentor.
Nancy Kress:  Wife of the late Charles Sheffield and a Hugo and Nebula winner in her own right.
Terry Brooks:  Author of the Shannara series, more sequels than you can shake a wand at.
John Brunner:  Author of Stand on Zanzibar and Shockwave Rider, a star of the 60s and 70s.
Octavia Butler: A pioneer in the field, multiple award winner.
Michael Crichton:  Adromeda Strain and Jurasic Park anyone?
Phillip Jose Farmer:  Another of the old masters who was very productive through his career.
Phillip K Dick: Another great from the past, Do Androids Dream of Invisible Sheep (Bladerunner).
Robert Forward:  Another Late Great Physicist Hard Scifi writer.
Alan Dean Foster:  Author of the Humanx Commonwealth and everyone's favorite minidrag.
Harry Harrison:  Another old timer with a large bibliography.
Joe Haldeman:  Author of The Forever War.
L Ron Hubbard:  Founder of Scientology but also a great author of science fiction.
Murray Leinster:  One of my all time favorites among the old timers.
Fritz Leiber: Fantasy creator of Fafnir and the Grey Mouser as well as quite a bit of imaginative scifi.
Ursula K Le Guin:  Fantasy writer and creator of Earthsea among others.
C S Lewis:  The Chronicles of Narnia, Christian Fantasy?  Seemed to work for him.
C S Forester:  Author of the Horatio Hornblower Books, great historical fiction.
John D McDonald:  Florida author of Travis McGee and also a scifi writer.
Ann McCaffrey:  The Dragon Riders of Pern among others.
Michael Moorcock:  Elric and the Eternal Champion.  Classic fantasy.
Andre Norton:  Another of the late grand ladies of fantasy.
Frederik Pohl:  An all time great and author of the Gateway Series.
Kim Stanley Robinson:  Author of the Mars series (Red, Green and Blue).
Fred Saberhagen:  Creator of those loveable but murderous robots, the Beserkers.
Robert Silverberg:  Another old time great who just keeps going on.  Site is kept up by a loving fan.
Jack Williamson: The Grand Master.  First story published 1928,  last novel published 2005.
Timothy Zahn:  Hugo Award Winner and writer of many Star Wars novels.
R A Salvatore:  New York Times Bestseller and Author of Dritz.  Need I say more.
William Shatner:  Not just you daddy's Captain Kirk.  Author of the Tekwar Series.
George R R Martin:  Best Selling Fantasy Author.  A Song of Ice and Fire.
Robert Jordan:  Author of the Wheel of Time encyclopdia (it's as big as one).
Tanith Lee:  Over 90 novels says something.  Great fantasy author.
Damon Knight:  The master of the scifi short story.  Wikipedia article.
Gordon R Dickson:  One of the creators of Military Space Opera.
Ann Rice:  Vampires.  Interview With The Vampire.
Alfred Bester:  The Stars My Destination, and not the one from Babylon Five.
Brian Aldiss:  The Grandmaster, with a very long career and lots of books.
Robert Asprin:  Thieves World Series among others.
David Bischoff:  Master of Cross Genre Scifi with fantasy elements.
Stephen R Donaldson:  The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
David Drake:  Hammer's Slammers, Books of the Elements and the Isle Series.
Mercedes Lackey:  Grand Mistress of Fantasy.  Elemental Masters, The Bardic Universe.
L E Modesitt Jr:  The Official Website.  Corean Chronicles, Imager Portfolio, and The Saga of Recluce.
Margaret Weis:  Co-author of Dragonlance among others.
Roger Zelazny:  Author of the Princes of Amber.  Great fantasy series.
Stanislaw Lem:  The official English language site of the Polish Science Fiction writer.
Hal Clement:  Mission of Gravity.
Gardner Dozois:  Thirteen time winner of the Hugo, author and editor.
C S Friedman:  Author of the Coldfire Trilogy.
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Books and Collections
Project Gutenberg:  Tons of cool free books, including many from Verne, Wells and Burroughs.
The SF Site:  An offering of many books and authors.
Complete Collection of Poems by Rudyard Kipling:  Great reading for inspiration.
The Online Books Page: From the University of Pennsylvania.  10,000 Online Books Free To Public.
Merriam-Webster: Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Online.
Online Dictionary Search:  Type the word and get definitions, phrases, etc.  Searches 1062 Dictionaries online.
Translation Dictionaries: At Lexicool.com.  A bunch of different languages covered.
Online Encyclopedia:  From Encyclopedia.com.  Search over 100 dictionaries and encyclopedia.
Medical Dictionary:  Online from MedlinePlus.  From the National Institutes of Health.
The Science Dictionary:  Online lookup that returns multiple web references.
PoemHunter.com:  Poems from around the world, 797,000 poems.
Magazines and Pulps:  There used to be scores of these things back in the days of Heinlein and Asimov.  Very few today.
Analog Science Fiction and Fact:  One of the best for, as it says, fiction and fact.
Asimov's Science Fiction:  Another of the really old and great pulps.
Fantasy & Science Fiction:  Another Oldie, from 1949 to today.
Weird Tales:  One of the originals is back.  The publisher of Robert E Howard.
Leading Edge:  An online magazine produced at Brigham Young University.
SciFiNow:  Award Winning Scifi and Fantasy Magazine with coverage of TV, Film, Books, Games and Comics.
EPub Daily News:  Lisa Bouchard's online daily with loads of information for the self pub author.
Fantasy Faction: Online Blogazine which is a community of fans of modern fantasy.
General Writing Tools
Behind the Name:  The Etymology and History of First Names.
Random Word Generator:  Having trouble coming up with original sounding words.  This will do the job.  Free version and licensed version not too expensive.
The Sage:  Very good free dictionary and theraurus program (with a better version available with donation).
Brainy Quote:  Quotes from Einstein to Patton to Seinfeld.
DocPad:  Free and better alternative to Notepad, with lots of features (which is what makes it better of course).
Open Office:  A good full featured word processor.  Warning, can cause formatting problems when switching back and forth with Word.
Notepad++:  A free full featured HTML editor.  Sometimes HTML is the key to good eBook formatting.
Wordweb:  A program which integrates into windows with a spellchecker and thesaurus.  Great for posting on the Web.
TweetDeck:  The best way to keep track of all your admiring admirers.
Paint.Net:  Very good free graphics program.  Used to make my covers in very little time.
Up and Comers:  You may not have heard of them yet, but I am sure you will.
Kendell Grey: Urban Fantasy Writer and Whale Lady.  Check her out.
Matthew Mather:  Science Fiction Writer and founder of Phuturenews.
Mainak Dhar: Science Fiction Writer and another Phuturenews Contributor. 
Hugh Howey:  Another Writer of the Fantastic and Phuturenewser.
Matthew Hughes:  Science Fiction Writer whose book was just nominated for the Phillip K Dick Award.
Wild Wolf Publishing:  Not a Major, but good books by some good writers.
Jeremy C Shipp:  Author of Bram Stoker Award Winner Bizarre Fantasy.
William R Potter:  Canadian Dark Fiction Writer and supporter of Independent Authors over on IAN.
Amy Rose Davis:  Independent Epic Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network. 
Susan Leigh Noble:  Elemental Trilogy on the Independent Authors Network.
Mattius C S White:  High Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network.
India Drummond:  Urban Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network.
Amberlynne O'Shea:  Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network.
L W Herdon:  Urban Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network.
John G Hartness:  Urban Fantasy Author on the Independent Authors Network.
Katie Salidas:  Author of the Urban Fantasy Series Immortalis, and on the IAN.
M R Mathias:  High Fantasy Author at IAN.  Also writes Horror under the name Michael Robb.
Michelle Davidson Argyle:  Fantasy Author of Cinders and on IAN.
Marlayne Giron:  Fantasy Author of The Victor, on IAN.
Tracey Alley:  Fantasy Author of The Witch Wars, on IAN.
Ty Langston:  High Fantasy Author of By Sunset, on IAN.
Wynn Mercere:  Fantasy, Horror and Historical Fiction Writer at IAN.  City of the Gods.
M J Grothoff:  Fantasy Writer of the EverWing Series, at IAN.
Vivi Anna: Urban Fantasy Author of Glimmer, at IAN.
Patti Roberts:  Australian Author of Paradox: The Angels Are Here, on IAN.
Clayton Bye:  Author of The Sorcerer's Key, on IAN.
H L Reasby:  Author of Fantasy Akhet: The Inundation, on IAN.
Alesha Escobar:  Author of The Tower's Alchemist, an Alternate WW2 with Magic, on the IAN.
M K Theodoratus:  High Fantasy Author of the Half Elven Series, on IAN.
Tamsin Silver: Author of the Living Dead Girl Novels, at IAN.
Lita Burke:  Fantasy Author of Wrath, on IAN.
C C Cole:  Fantasy Author of the Gastar Series, on IAN.
D W Hawkins:  Author of the High Fantasy The Sentient Fire, at IAN.
E W Greenlee:  The Chosen One of Allivar Trilogy, at IAN.
K H LeMoyne:  Writer of Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal with a Romantic Bent, at IAN.
L J DeLeon:  Author of the Warriors of Light Series, on IAN.
David Brown:  Author of the Epic Fantasy Elenchera, and maybe my match in World Building.  Maybe.  IAN.
Brian Jackson:  Author of Blood Reich.  Love the concept.  On IAN.
Amira Aly:  Egypt: The Uprising, an Urban Fantasy set in Modern Egypt, on IAN.
David G Welsh:  Author of Legend Unborn at IAN.
David Scott Hay:  Fall: Last Testament of Lucifer Morningstar, on IAN.
Nicolas A Rose:  Writer of Epic Fantasy Markan Empire, on IAN.
Josh Halstead: Science Fiction and Fantasy Author, Voidhawk and Wanted, on IAN.
Sue Santore:  Author of A Singular Gift, Fantasy on IAN.
Austin Briggs:  Author of Five Dances With Death, Aztec Fantasy, on IAN.
Noah Murphy:  Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer at IAN.
Greg Hair:  Urban Fantasy Writer of Werewolf, and shapeshifting avenger.  On IAN.
Ron Leighton:  Fantasy and Horror Authog of Beneath a Vengeful Sun, at IAN.
Bill Jones Jr:  Fantasy Author of The Stream, at IAN.
Jason G Anderson:  Steampunk Author of Gears of Wonderland, at IAN.
John R Phythyon Jr:  Fantasy Thriller Author of State of Grace, at IAN.
Jennifer Quail:  Contemporary Fantasy Writer of Omens in the Night, at IAN.
Raymond F Masters:  Urban Fantasy and Horror Writer at IAN.
Will Van Stone Jr:  Horror Author of The Three: A Death Dealer Novel, at IAN.
Morgan Gallagher:  Horror Author of Changeling, at IAN.
John McDonnell:  Horror Writer of 13 Horror Stories, a collection of shorts, at IAN.
Charlie Courtland:  Horror Author of Dandelions in the Garden, at IAN.
Scott Roche:  Author of Through A Glass, Darkly, on IAN.
McCarty Griffin:  Horror Author of Monster Story and Half-Inch, at IAN.
Eric Gustafson:  Author of Horror, Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon, at IAN.
Carlo J Vella:  Horror Author of The Book Of Secrets, at IAN.
Mark Tufo:  Author of the Zombie Fallout Series, at IAN.
Gordon Bonnet:  Science Teacher and Horror Writer, Signal to Noise and The Conduit, at IAN.
Shaun Allan:  Horror Author of Sin, at IAN.
Stephen Beam:  Horror Author of Hallucinations and Channeler, at IAN.
Gregory Blair:  Horror Author of Little Shivers, at IAN.
D Miles Martin:  Author of Horror and Dark Fantasy, at IAN.  Good Deeds.
J I Greco:  Science Fiction and Horror Author.  Take the All-Mart, at IAN.
Keith Weaver:  Author of The Nefarious: Prince if Shadow, at IAN.
A J Gallant:  Madman in the Mirror.  Horror at IAN.
Charles W Jones:  Author of Dreamwalker: The Second Plain, at IAN.
Cliff Ball:  Scifi Author of New Frontier and The Usurper, at IAN.
Jack Everett:  Fantasy, Science Fiction and Thriller Writer at IAN.