The Hunger
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This was my first attempt at an Urban Fantasy, and in my opinion a very original take on the vampire genre.  I tried something new by returning to the old.  Most modern vampire's seem more like regular people with super powers.  Or bad boys and girls who spend the night clubbing and dancing.  Like Buffy and Angel.  Now, I like these stories just fine.  But for this tale I decided on a return to the undead source, Bram Stoker's Dracula.  These vampires are thinking beings, but also creatures overridden by their instincts to feed and survive.  They hunt the night and return to their lairs when the stalk is over.
Lucinda was a good girl, and intelligent woman whose abusive husband threw her out on the street.  Addicted to Heroin, forced to prostitution to feed her habit, Lucinda becomes the plaything of evil men.  Left for dead by her pimp, Lucinda is finished by a passing vampire.  Three days later she rises from the dead, consumed by a hunger for blood that makes her in life addiction seem like a mere craving.  When Lucinda's master is killed she becomes a free agent.  No longer obedient to Satan, whose dictates is for the vampires to destroy the good and spread the plague, the Vampire Avenger instead stalks and destroys the kind of men who tormented her in life, making sure that these evil men do not rise again.  The novel opens with Lucinda stalking a pimp in the Florida city of Tampa.  Soon the police are on her trail, as well as the vampire hunting priest, the FBI agent, an ancient vampire determined to not allow the new undead to expose his kind
, and the ex-pro football player turned blood sucker whose mission is to pay Lucinda back for his current state.
    “What the hell are you?” he screamed as the weapon clicked on the empty chamber.  He reached frantically into his jacket, trying to fumble another magazine, then tried to ram it home.  But as his hands shook the new magazine refused to go where the old one still resided.
     Lucinda took off in a sprint toward the man, moving faster than humanly possible, faster than the swiftest sprinter.  She lowered her shoulder and took Carlos in the ribs, feeling the bones crack as she lifted him into the air.  The man struck his right shoulder and arm against the wall, grunting out his breath.  Lucinda was past him and into the living room as he slid down the wall to the floor, the machine pistol falling from nerveless fingers as consciousness fled.

   Lucinda pivoted on her right foot, turning toward the family room, as more bullets whizzed past her, the sound of cracking plaster and breaking porcelain sounding to her sensitive ears.  One large man, with the mass of a football player, came straight at her from the glass doors, lowering his shoulders and reaching his arms out into a classic tackle.  Lucinda leapt into the air and brushed the ceiling as she flew over his form, which was falling to the floor after not meeting the resistance it had been preparing itself for.  The vampire did a turn in the air, as she thanked herself for the gymnastics lessons her mom had insisted that she take, and landed lightly on her feet.
     She could sense that the door before her was locked, and she didn’t have the key.  So going into a crouch and out again she sprung toward the double doors and crashed through the glass, leaving jagged hanging splinters behind her.  Women screamed as she propelled her naked form across the flagstones.  One man dropped his drink and made a grab for her, but a strong backhand lifted him from his feet and into the pool.  By the time he hit the water with a splash Lucinda was speeding across the grass lawn, reveling in the cool passage of the night air over her bare skin.
     From ten feet out she went into a quick crouch and sprung into the air, her feet clearing the ten-foot privacy fence as more rounds cracked past her.  Dogs barked at her as they struggled to catch her and were thwarted by the fence.  Her feet hit lightly onto the grass of another lawn and she sprang ahead, swerving to avoid another large dog that was coming at her across the open.
     Lucinda leapt into the air again, spreading her arms as she arched up to twenty feet.  She willed the transformation again, feeling her limbs shorten and the fur thrust out through her skin.  She gave a screech to the night as she flapped her wings and disappeared into the darkness.
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