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History and Culture
Basic History and Culture Resources
Horse:  The Equine servant of man.
Breeds of Livestock:  Including Cattle, Goats, Horses, Sheep, Swine and others.
Dogs: At Dogs Online.  Descriptions and Photos of 172 Breeds.
Chicken Breeds:  Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart.
Animal Husbandry: The care and raising of animals.
Elephants:  Magnificent animals that have served as workers and warriors.
Falconry:  The art of hunting with falcons.
Whales: and Dolphins of course.  At Enchanted Learning.
Big Cats:  Not the little ones running around in our houses, but the lords of the wild.
Wolves:  At the International Wolf Center.
Rabbits:  Domesticated and wild.
Weasel:  Including all the known species.
Rodent: Serious pests and sometimes pets.
Primates:  Our ancestors and contemporaries.
Birds:  Evolution, Taxonomy and more.
Seal:  Not the Naval variety.
Pleistocene megafauna:  All those cool prehistoric animals that populate prehistoric stories.
Marsupial:  The animals of Australia and some others.
Dinosaur:  Dinosaur Fact: The Greatest Dinosaur site in the world?
Dinosaur:  The Wikipedia article with lots of links.
Reptiles:  From the Reptile Channel.  Snakes, Lizards and Turtles.
List of Prehistoric Animals:  At About.com Dinosaurs.
Fish:  Wikipedia Article.
Insects and Bugs: At Insects.org.
Arthropod:  Crabs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Spiders and more.
Mollusca:  The largest marine phylum, as well as terrestrial snails and slugs.
The History Channel:  Lots of good information and listings for the shows.
The Military History Channel:  More focused on military history around the world.
The Discovery Channel:  All kinds of history is also offered on this channel.
Hyperhistory:  A world history timeline, so you can make sure the backgrounds are correct.
Timelines of History:  Almost three million hits so has to be good.
History Timelines:  Another history timeline.
IU S Army Center of Military History:  Unit histories, museums and other good stuff.
Military History:  Warfare through the ages - Battles and Conflicts.
World Cultures:  An online Cultures Around the World database.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures:  An Introduction to Ancient World Cultures.
Countries and Their Cultures:  Alphabetical listing of world cultures.
UNESCO: World Heritage Center - World Heritage List. 
History of Agriculture:  At BioWorld Blog.
A History of American Agriculture:  More regional in focus, from 1607-2000.
History of Food & Agriculture:  From the Agropolis Museum.
The Story of Farming:  From History Link 101.
History of Agriculture Timeline:  from xtimeline.com.
Major Religious Groups: The article from Wikipedia.
World Religions:  From Religious Tolerance Org.
World Religions: At Religion Facts Com.
History of Religion:  At Maps of War.  Religion and its wars.
Timeline of Religions:  Their founders, their progression, etc.
History of Architecture:  From History World.
Ancient Greece:  From Ancientgreece.com.
The Great Buildings Collection:  From Greatbuildings.com.  All types and ages.
Prehistoric Architecture:  From Old and Sold, Turn of the century wisdom for today.
A Digital Archive of Architecture:  From Boston College.
Architecture Timeline:  From Architecture About.com.
English Architecture:  From Britain Express, with other pages on British history and culture.
Ancient History Encyclopedia:  With a number of timelines, Art and Culture, Cities and Buildings, etc.
Skyscrapers:  From the SkyscraperPage.com. Very complete resource for the world's big buildings.
Building Big:  How to build a skyscraper at PBS.
Future Skyscrapers:  What's on the horizon.  A spur to the imagination.
Amazing Architecture:  11 Buildings from the future at Huffington Post.
Green Architecture:  12 Designs for the future.
Future by Design:  Really cool looking buildings and cities by Jacque Fresco, one of many on Youtube.
Arcology:  The Wikipedia article about these residential megastructures.
Arcologies:  At Arcology.com of course.
How Bridges Work:  At Howstuffworks.  Basics of different types of bridges.
List of Bridges:  From Wikipedia, long list of bridges around the world with links.
Famous Bridges:  At Famous Bridges.com.  Not all have active links.
History of Clothing and Textiles:  From Wikipedia.
Textile Industry History:  Site Devoted to the History of Mills, People and Companies
A Brief History of Clothing: with links to life in some of the ancient cultures.
Bedding: From Wikipedia.  How people have spent the night through the years.
What Women Wore:  From About.com, mostly links to a number of other articles.
History of Men's Clothing:  Mostly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Ancient Hebrew Culture:  From the Ancient Hebrew Research Center.
The Roman Empire:  With all aspects of the culture.
The Greeks:  At Mare Nostrum, with papers on Rome and other Cultures.
Ancient Egypt:  An introduction to the history and culture of Pharaonic Egypt.
Ancient India:  From the British Museum.
Ancient China:  From the British Museum.
World History: From Macrohistory and World Report.
Japan:  With pages on history and culture.
Encyclopedia of the Celts:  Lots of good information on the party boys of Europe.
Native Americans:  Clickable map of regions and cultures.
History of Ceramics:  From the American Ceramic Society.
Material Science Technology:  From Washington.edu.
History of Glass:  From HistoryOfGlass.com.
History of Metals: From Carnegie Mellon University, with links to individual metals.
Metal:  From Wikipedia, with lots of links as always.
Steam Engines:  From Howstuffworks.
Steam Locomotives:  From Steam Locomotive dot com.
Clipper Ships:  For a short time they were the kings of the seas.
Windjammer:  The ultimate sailing ship.
Airships:  The Hindenburg and other Zeppelins.
Horse Transports of the Middle Ages:  How they shipped horses in ships.
Horse Drawn Vehicles:  With links to all the various named vehicles.
Animals, Domesticated or Otherwise.