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    Genetic Engineering and
Two of the newest buzzwords in Science Fiction.  I say newest, even though they have been around for decades.  But they are used so often in modern Scifi they sure seem like the latest thing.  Genetic Engineering is the manipulation of the genes of an organism to change it, hopefully for the better.  It holds the promise of curing all human ailments, genetic or otherwise.  It also holds the danger of unleashing new organisms for which we have no resistance (see Stephen King's The Stand or Frank Herbert's The White Plague.  It also casts the specter of Super-soldiers, Super-athletes, probably Super-criminals.  Nanotechnology is the technology of nano-scale robots, machines able to manipulate single atoms.  They can be used to make stronger alloys, take precious substances from the earth (see my freebee novel Diamonds In The Sand), and build things in the nano-scale, including more of themselves.  They can also be used to take things apart, and have become one of the new bugaboos of scifi destruction.  A pairing of applications uses nanotech to splice genes, a perfect mating of applications.  Nanotech has been called the greatest discover in human history (if we can actually get it to work.)  And also the greatest danger to mankind of any invention in history, more so than nuclear weapons.  I'm not sure it's such a risk.  Nanobots are very small, and cannot be shielded against Electromagnetic Pulse.  Anything that can fry an electronic device can fry them, reducing the chance of Gray Goo, the uncontrolled destruction of matter by the micro-robots.

Genetic Engineering
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