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Exodus: The Short Stories
Here you will find a collection of short stories set in the Exodus Universe.  I will be putting out one a month, hopefully by the end of said month.  When I get enough short stories here I will take them down, about a month or two after the publication of that last one, and put them up online as an ebook.  Until that time they are absolutely free.  Feel free to share them with friends, post them to websites, whatever you feel like doing with them.  Clicking on the link will take you to the page where the story is located.  You can read the story on that page, on your computer screen, or you can download the story to read on any device.  I have them up on Word, PDF and Mobi (the Kindle format).  Unfortunately I cannot find out how to format the doc for a webpage, so read it on your computer at your own risk.
A New Life.  How Cornelius Walborski found himself on Sestius IV.  Jine 2013.
What's Eating You: Lucille Yu faces terror from beyond at The Other Universe Project.