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Many things influenced me while I was growing up and growing older.  A variety of Movies and TV Shows, Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror and War.  Comics books were also a major influence.  There were some Comic Book Hero movies and TV programs.  Most prior to the 1990s were not very good, but the newer films, with much better special effect, have really brought these characters to life.  This page links to a number of other pages that have links to the movies, show and characters I believe were the most influential on my life and outlook as a writer.  Some are very good, some are awful, but all are probably worth a look, if just for the laughs.  The genres are not written in stone, and there may be some overlap.  For instance, the classic tale Frankenstein was considered Science Fiction when written, but is now most likely place in the category of horror.  I tried to stay true to the origins, and if you don't agree I apologize, but I made these pages according to my own standards.