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Castles and Fortresses
Castles and Palaces
Castle:  Wikipedia article with lots of built in links.
Topscastles:  Top 110 Medieval Castles, with links to individual sites.
Castles on the Web:  Virtual Tours of the insides of Castles.  Has a Castle of the Day picture.
Inside Neuschwanstein:  More Palace than Fortress, the home of Mad Ludwig of Bavaria.
Amazing Photos: Castles, Palaces and Chateaux.
Guide tp Castles of Europe:  Many Iconic Castles across Europe.
Road to Ruins: Not just castles, but there are links to a lot of them on this site.
List of Castles in Germany:  Wikipedia. Has links to castle pages and the castles of other countries.
Castles and Manor Houses around the World:  With interactive maps of most countries where castles exist.
List of Castles of Italy:  Wikipedia.  Links to numerous castles in Italy.
Castles of Tuscany:  One of Italy's most famous regions and very Castle rich.
Castle Hotels of Europe:  An amazing number of old castles have been turned into hotels in Europe.
List of Castles in England:  Wikipedia.  As with the others, with lots of links to individual castles.
List of Castles of Spain:  Wikipedia.  Another extensive list of castles.
List of Castles of France: Wikipedia.  Extensive list of the Chateau of France.
List of Castles in Russia:  A different Style of castle than in the West.
List of Castles in Poland:  From Europes most fought over land.
List of Castles in Romania: From the land of Vlad the Impaler, and lands fought over by Christians and Turks.
List of Castles of Scotland:  Stark castles from a stark country.
List of Castles of Ireland:  Only covers the Republic of Ireland.  Still a lot of Iron Age Castles.
List of Castles of Greece:  From the most ancient of European lands.
List of Castles of Portugal:  Spain's ancient enemy.
Krak des Chevaliers:  Ancient Crusader Fortress in the Holy Land.
List of Castles of Norway:  From the Land of the Vikings.
Japanese Castles:  From Wikipedia with lots of links of course.
List of Castles of China:  Kind of a sparse list, but then again there might not have been a lot of them in China.
List of Castles in Sweden:  Another of the Viking Lands.
List of the Castles of Austria:  Another Germanic Country and another target of the Turks.
List of Castles of Switzerland:  Includes the Fortresses of the region as well.
List of Castles of the Czech Republic:  Another well fought over area with a great need for castles.
List of Castles of Slovakia:  From what used to be a joined nation with the Czech Republic.
List of Castles in the Netherlands:  Flat country that needed fortification.
List of Castles of Slovenia:  From another of the regions of the former Yugoslavia.
List of Castles of Wales:  An area the English conquered through the building of castles.
List of Castles in the Ukraine:  An area long disputed by Moscow and Poland.
List of Castles in Northern Ireland:  The other side of Iron Age Ireland.
List of Crusader Castles:  Most are true forts as well as dwellings.
List of Castles in Syria:  Just to the North of the disputed Holy Lands.
List of Castles in Pakistan: A Far Eastern/Moslem blend.
List of Castles in Korea:  Lots of Castles listed, but many without links.
List of Castles in Latvia:  From the Teutonic Knights.
List of Castles in Lithuania:  Another stronghold of the knight invaders from Germany.
List of Castles of Belgium:  Another crossroads of invasion.
List of Castles of Belarus:  More Teutonic Knight Castles as well as those of other invaders.
List of Castles of Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Another of the regions of the former Yugoslavia.
List of Castles of Armenia:  Another region of conquest.
List of Castles of Albania:  A lot of Castles for such a small country.
List of Castles of Bulgaria:  Another long disputed region in the wars between Christian and Moslem.
List of Castles in Croatia:  Another of the countries of the former Yugoslavia.
List of Castles of Estonia:  Last of the Baltic countries on the list.
List of Castles of Denmark:  Last of the old Viking nations on the list.
List of Castles in Finland:  The non-Nordic Scandanavian Country.
List of Castles in Ghana:  Castles in Africa.
List of Castles in Hungary:  Once a major player in Medieval Eastern Europe.
List of Castles in Iran:  From the land of the Persians.
Egypt:  Castles, Forts, Fortifications and City Walls.
List of Castles in Macedonia:  The land of Phillip and Alexander.
List of Castles in Luxembourg:  Wall to Wall Castles in a tiny country.
List of Fictional Castles:  They never were, except in the imagination.
Building a Stone Fortress: At Castles of Wales.
Castle Plans: At Medieval Castle.com, Castle Plans, Keeps and Towers.  Plus many more pages.  Recommended.
Medieval Castle Floor Plans:  At Medievalcastles.stormthecastle.com.
Castle Builder:  A project on how to build a castle, with other Medieval links.
Palace: The Wikipedia article.
List of Palaces:  Wikiedia, by country.  A very large page of links.
Historic Royal Palaces:  An English Site with the palaces of the Royal Family.
Imperial Palaces of Petersburg:  The palaces of the Czars of Russia.
Minoan Palaces:  From the Explore Crete Travel Site.
Egyptian Palaces:  From the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
German Palaces:  Palaces. Parks and Gardens, like something out of a fairytale.
Versailles:  Home page of the Palace of Versailles.
Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like the sight of an ancient castle or palace.  Once the personal forts of the nobility, they evolved into the luxurious homes of the leaders.  Now mostly ruins where they weren't maintained, or museums where they were, they still dot the countryside of Europe and the Middle East.  Japan also has its castles, built in a different tradition.  Most tales of fantasy also have their castles, and the view of a real world treasure can often spur the imagination to the creation of one to grace the setting of a novel or short story.
Fortifications and Walled Cities
Not all Fortifications were dwellings, though they had places for soldiers to stay.  And then there were the walled cities, built to protect the common people.  And specialized forts, differentiated by the times and technologies of their conflicts.
List of Fort in India:  Land of conflict through the centuries.
12 Impressive Walled Cities: Of the World at Touropia.
Medieval Walled Cities:  From About.com Europe Travel.
Walled Cities:  Keeping out the Jones, and the Ghenghises.
Bunkertours:  Virtual Bunker Tours on the Web, including the Maginot Line and others.
Star Fort:  The prefered fortification of the gunpowder era.
List of Star Forts: From around the World.
Walls of Constantinople:  With lots of links, pictures and even a map.
Walls of Jerusalem:  Heavily fortified city from the Crusades.
Civil War Forts and Cities:  Original illustrations.
List of American Revolution Forts:  From Wikipedia, with links to all the listed forts.
Atlantikwall:  Germany's attempt to stop an invasion.  It failed.
US versus the Maginot Line: In 1944, from MilitaryHistoryOnline, with lots of pages of other stuff of interest.
List of Coastal Fortifications of the US:  Wikipedia, with links to most of them.
North American Forts:  1526 to 1956, In the United States and Canada.
Historic Forts of the Old West:  The forts of the Indian Wars and the migration West.
Fortifications in the Pacific:  On Pacific War Online.
Gibraltar:  Massively fortified rock on DiscoverGibralter.com.
Siegfried Line:  Last Line of Defense for Germany in the West before the Rhine.
Verdun:  700,000 Casualties between the French and Germans fighting over this fortress city in 1916.
Gothic Line:  The German Fortifications the allies had to fight through to get to the plains of Northern Italy.
Monte Casino:  Not all forts start out as such.  Some are bombed into fortifications.
Metaxas Line:  Greece 1941.  The Italians couldn't break it.  The Germans did, after a terrific fight.
Fort Eben-Emael: Belgian Fortress taken by German Fallschirmjager.
Siege of Vicksburg:  Taking a fortified city during the Civil War.
Siege: From Wikipedia.  How they were conducted and defended against.
The Siege of Paris: During the Franco-Prussian War.
Life in the Trenches: A Multimedia History of World War One.
What is a Trench:  From History on the Net.  Layout and Construction of Trenches.
Bunker: The Wikipedia article.
Cheyenne Mountain:  A modern and ultimate example of a Bunker System, under the Mountain.
U S Bunkers:  Civilian Bunkers for the Modern World.
Berghof Bunker System:  Hitler's Bunker System at Obersalzberg.
Underground Bomb Shelters:  A Company that actually sells these things for civilians.
Fallout Shelters:  The hope of the 1950s and 60s when nuclear war was in the air.
Safe Rooms: Make your home a fortress.  From FEMA.
Storm Shelters and Tornado Shelters:  From Tornado Safe Room.
Vietnamese Tunnel Systems:  Where the Cong hid out until they were ready to fight.
Fort Siloso:  A Coastal Artillery Fort that made up part of Fortress Singapore in WW2.
German Field Fortifications on the Eastern Front:  Some of the best planned of the war.
Camouflage:  Sometimes the best way to not get hit is to not be seen.
German Fortifications: of WW1 and WW2 in Denmark and Europe.
Forifications of the World:  Links to a number of sites.  Seems to be very comprehensive.
Fortifications in New Zealand:  WW2 and others.