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Black Holes and Wormholes
Black Holes were once the things of legend and speculation.  Now they are the things of fact.  Some scientists speculate that Black Holes are not only real, but are really important in the formation of Galaxies.  Black Holes may not just be destructive forces.  They might by necessary to the survival of the Universe.  Still, the notion is frightening.  An object so massive that even light cannot escape its gravitation force.  Things go in but they don't come out, like the roach motels of space.  They come in all sizes, from the size of molecules to monsters more than a billion times more massive than our sun, and possibly several shapes.  Wormholes are just as amazing, and as yet unproven.  Holes in space in time, they might offer doorways to other places.  Maybe some day we will find one or more wormholes, and hopefully they will go someplace we want to be.
Stephen Hawking:  He's not just about Black Holes, but he is one of the biggest names in Black Hole Theory.
Kip Thorne:  Another of the giants in Black Hole theories.  The giant station in The Deep Dark Well came from one of his books.
Cosmic Journeys:  The Largest Black Holes in the Universe on a Youtube Video.
A Journey into a Black Hole:  Another instructional video at Youtube.
Black Holes: The Wikipedia article with of coure plenty of link.
Black Holes:  From the Hubblesite, with a short into film.
Black Holes:  From NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
Black Hole FAQ: From the Cosmology Department of UC Berkeley.
No Escape:  The Truth about Black Holes, with links.
How Black Holes Work: By the Howstuffworks Site.
Black Holes, Neutron Stars:  Video of Black Holes Formation, including from Neutron Stars and White Dwarves.
Creation & Consumption of Galaxies: Youtub vid.
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars:  From NASA with written description and Movies.
Journey into a Schwarzschild black hole:  Movies about what happens as you approach and go into a Black Hole.
Kerr Black Holes:  Images and Videos, with images, videos and descriptions.
Clips of Black Holes Colliding:  Kind of technical descriptions accompany them.
How Do Black Holes Form?: From Universe Today.
How They Form:  Black Holes and Neutron Stars.
Black Hole Caught: In The Act of Swallowing Star.  From Space.com.
Wormhole: Wikipedia article with plenty of links to other sources.
Wormholes:  From PBS and Stephen Hawking's Universe.
Falling Into A Black Hole:  From the University of Colorado.  Leads to a bunch of pages with views of Black Holes.
Wormholes:  Introduction to Wormholes at Oracle ThinkQuest.
Black Holes and Kerr Rings: At Howstuffworks.
Black Holes and Worm Holes:  Youtube video from The Universe.
What Happens: If You Fall Into A Black Hole.  Youtube Video.
Worm Holes: With some information about Black Holes.
Wormholes: Our Shortcut Through Space and Time from Bright Hub.
Neutron Stars: From Wikipedia.
Neutron Stars and Pulsars:  From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
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