Welcome to Imagination Unlimited, a Website devoted to my writing.  Now at Amazon and Smashwords:  The Deep Dark Well (far future science fiction), The Hunger (vampire Avenger in Sunny Tampa) and The Scorpion (uploaded terrorist threatens the world).  The Shadows on the Multiverse (creatures from another dimension threaten the Universe).   On the site, free eBooks Diamonds In The Sand and Doppelganger: A Novel Of Refuge.
Art and Images
On this page you will find links to pages containing drawings and images related to my works.  While not of professional quality, they will illustrate how I visualized aspects of my novels.  Spaceships, castles, arms and armor, there will be a little bit of everything.  I will also have links to the art work and videos of professionals, and may post some of those images here, such as this werewolf howling at the snow.  There may be some duplicates from the Mythology and                                 Science Pages.  That's cool.  Don't want to be so structured that it loses it enjoyment.  I bought the rights to most of these and you are welcome to enjoy looking at them, but if you want them for your own please visit the merchants and buy the rights for your own use.
Follow Me!
Shutterstock has millions of images for all kinds of projects, and a good price if you're looking for images in bulk.  For example, I bought the rights to 750 pictures for $249.

Canstock also has millions of images, and some are the same as you find on Shutterstock.  You buy credits and can get 100 fo $50, which translates into about 25 to 50, depending on the size.  I use them when I need a few pictures or a score or so.
Click on the Banners Below to be taken to pages that present some of the art I have on the site.  Some is purchased, and some is my own, which falls more into the category of sketches I made on Graph Paper to get an idea of what I was trying to portray.  Below the Banners I may have some other images placed on this page.